CVB ShowcaseMay 6, 2024
Meet the CVBs Elevating Events By

Across the nation, optimism and opportunities abound for 2024 and beyond, and you can leverage that wherever you decide to meet.

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Mountain MagicMay 6, 2024
Harnessing Nature’s Power & Beauty to Inspire Attendees By

Renewal of body and mind can help facilitate attendee connections, cohesion and productivity, and there’s no better setting for that than America’s inspiring mountains.

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Target ROIMay 6, 2024
Getting the Most Return Out of Today’s Events By

In today’s corporate businesses, all capital expenditures must be connected to some kind of target ROI.

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Business EthicsMay 6, 2024
Transparency in the Meetings Industry By

From vendor selection to environmental impacts to data privacy, there are a myriad of ethical dilemmas that meeting planners may encounter throughout the event planning process.

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How Millennials Are Redefining, Redesigning Events By

As the millennial generation gains strength in numbers in the workforce, their needs and wants are shaping the meetings and event industry.

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Remote WorkMay 6, 2024
No Place Like Home By

Thanks in large part to the pandemic, working from home — or working remotely, as it’s often called — has become commonplace across corporate America, and the meeting industry is no exception to that trend.

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Event ContractsMay 6, 2024
Ensuring What’s Promised By

Preparation is paramount. And the contract is a critical component of this process, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

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Data PrivacyMay 6, 2024
Security for Event Attendees By

Navigating the handling of event attendee data requires the right balance between collecting valuable information and respecting privacy.

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Driving Brand Loyalty with Incentive Travel Programs By

It’s not a secret that amazing, personalized incentive travel programs lead to brand loyalty.

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Budgeting for LifeApril 16, 2024
Planners Planning for Retirement By

One of the keys to event management is for meeting planners to think long-term in creating solutions to stay within budget. Planners can tap into that same forethought when budgeting and planning in their personal lives, including for their own retirement.

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