A Healthy MindsetJanuary 20, 2023
Please Today’s Attendees With Wellness Experiences By

Experts agree that wellness travel is at the top of everyone’s minds right now.

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CSR Means ServiceJanuary 20, 2023
Planned Properly, Events Can Contribute to the Greater Good By

Corporations are committed to environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives, and many have become vocal about the social stances they choose to take.

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Planners Adopt New Budget Tactics After COVID-19 By

Planners who apply their experience and creativity to events are seeing success by putting in the hard work, especially when it comes to sorting out budgets after the pandemic.

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Our 2023 Industry Events Calendar Is A Must-Have For Meeting Planners By

With events from London to Los Angeles, we’ve compiled a list of what’s happening across the globe — plus details on how to attend.

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Insiders Predict Further Improvement Despite Lingering Issues By

We asked a few industry experts to give us their take on the State of the Industry as we head into 2023, nearly three years after the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting shutdowns. Here are their thoughts.

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The Art of the MealDecember 12, 2022
Great F&B Elevates an Event Into an Experience By

Ask any meeting planner what accounts for meeting success, and you’re bound to receive a range of responses. Yet, one key ingredient consistently stands out among the others: the overall quality of the food & beverage service.

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Time TogetherDecember 12, 2022
Family-Friendly Meetings Offer Extra Appeal By

Incentives easily lend themselves to family-friendly gatherings, but even corporate meetings focused squarely on business can benefit by allowing attendees to bring family along, creating an easy way for employees to enjoy family vacation time before or after meetings.

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Seismic ShiftDecember 12, 2022
There is No Back-to-Normal Scenario as a New Normal Prevails By

There is no going back to 2019. Unfortunately, that is the reality the meetings industry must accept. In-person meetings came to a halt, meeting planners were forced to pivot to virtual events — and nothing has been the same.

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Crisis ManagementDecember 12, 2022
Overcome Any Hurdles by Being Properly Prepared By

Experts also agree that not recognizing a crisis in its early stages is the most common mistake meeting and event planners make.

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Career CounselingDecember 12, 2022
Create a Plan and Take Advantage of Networking, Relationships By

Let’s say that after several years of working in your dream job as a corporate meeting and event planner for a Fortune 500 company, you’ve started to recognize your desire to enhance your current role, or perhaps explore career opportunities in a new company. But because you’ve been working diligently in your current role, you […]

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