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These Events Play an Important Role in the Industry By Nancy Mueller

As the meetings industry awakens from the upheaval caused by the pandemic, events organizers are reinventing ways to create engaging and impactful meetings and events.

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Hybrid HelpAugust 23, 2021
Planning These Meetings Involves More Than Having Attendees Log on and Stare at a Screen By Maura Keller

Thanks to the creativity of meetings and events experts who grace the industry, hybrid events are proving to be an effective avenue for meetings and events of all sizes.

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An Abundance of Family Friendly Fun By Nancy Mueller

When your goal is to reward, relax and reset in a unique and innovative venue, theme-parks have it all: family friendly attractions, interactive outdoor adventures, safe animal encounters, and more.

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Keynote ConnectionAugust 23, 2021
More Than Ever, Finding the Right Speaker is Paramount By Maura Keller

Identifying and finding the ideal keynote speaker requires due diligence and a keen understanding of what would resonate with meeting and event attendees.

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Planners Are 'Pushing the Envelope' for Memorable Experiences By John Buchanan

For more than a half-century, a corporate meeting was a fairly standard undertaking. Attendees traveled to the destination that offered the best bottom-line value and/or geographical convenience, participated in meeting sessions in hotel meeting rooms and ate most of their meals onsite.

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Creating Unforgettable Moments That Resonate Long After the Event Is Over By Christine Loomis

Creating a theme for a corporate event is serious business. The right theme ties a meeting together and helps focus attendees on their organization’s core objective for the meeting and often the coming year.

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Planners Make the Shift From ‘Memorable’ to ‘Return on Experience’ By Patrick Simms

Meetings must leave a lasting, positive impression on attendees, and that is best achieved when great content is combined with a hospitality experience that is both high quality and distinctive.

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Creating a Higher Level of Engagement Through Personalization, Interactivity, Technology and Even the Unexpected By Maura Keller

In this ever more distracted world, meeting planners are on a continual quest for new and innovative ways to capture attendees’ attention and make an impact.

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How Planners Are Upgrading Meeting Engagement, Motivation and Connections By John Buchanan

The expectations of how technology will excite and inform at meetings are growing and evolving.

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Ignite Excitement, Engagement and Performance All Year Long By Maura Keller

Creative ways to reinforce and underline the company’s mission or objective throughout the meeting.

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