EndgameApril 11, 2022
How Skilled Planners Keep Attendees Engaged Through the Last Day By Nancy Mueller

Here are some ideas to keep meeting attendees engaged until the last day.

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Play OnFebruary 24, 2022
Use Gamification to Increase Engagement at Your Next Event By Sophia Bennett

Looking to boost engagement at meetings, appeal to younger attendees and provide better metrics to sponsors and other key participants? Gamification may be the way to meet all of these goals — and more.

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Team OrientedJune 14, 2021
As In-Person Meetings Return, So Will In-Person Team Building By Cynthia Dial

While virtual/hybrid meetings will continue for a while, planners will soon need to dust off those in-person team-building ideas sitting on the shelf for months.

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Survey SuccessJune 14, 2021
Data Collected From Attendees is Often Necessary to Gauge ROI By Keith Loria

Post-event surveys are critical for evaluating existing meeting and incentive travel, as well as identifying future needs or program adjustments.

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It is always worthwhile to revisit the ever-evolving topic of contract negotiation…

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“Relationship building is, and always will be, an advantage to those who realize its importance…”

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One of the marks of a great conference, meeting or event is how memorable the speakers are…

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Planners Redesign Experiences and Content Delivery to Meet New Expectations By Mark Rowh

The differences among generations are common points of discussion. Whether it’s seniors confused by the priorities of grandchildren or supervisors baffled by the habits of their younger employees, there always seems to be some degree of generational divide.

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Use Gamification, Mobile Apps and a Focus on Community to Relive the Meeting Experience All Year Long By John Buchanan

It’s essential that all event messaging is focused on the self-interests of the attendees rather than the interests of the meeting sponsor.

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How to Map an Eye-opening Journey to Greater Value and ROI By Gabi Logan

Elevate the attendee experience by putting their needs first.

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