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Global DestinationsDecember 14, 2023
MICE Growth Around the World By Marlene Goldman

While the rebound in business travel continues to lag behind the recovery of leisure travel, the outlook for the MICE sector for next year and beyond is upbeat.

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Going GlobalApril 17, 2023
Meeting Abroad Offers More Options Than Ever By Maura Keller

Meeting in Milan. Strategizing in Spain. Incentivizing in Ireland. Over the past several years, changes in the meetings and events industry have created more choices than ever for meetings and incentive programs to be held internationally.

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Attendees Crave Authenticity in International Travel Experiences By Christine Loomis

Today’s travelers want an experience that gives them real insight into a destination, from its history, food and people to its very essence.

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How Growing Safety and Security Concerns Are Impacting Overseas Site Selection By John Buchanan

Over the last year, a series of terrorist attacks has dampened enthusiasm for some popular European destinations.

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Global Business Means Looking Beyond Borders for Meetings — Here Are Some Tantalizing Options By Christine Loomis

It’s not just about location. It’s also about culture, facilities, how business is done and more.

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Engaging Destinations and Value Top the List By Karen Brost

As part of her role as event specialist for the Alerton and Trend divisions of Honeywell, Lacey Hein plans many international events. “Incentives are mostly what we’ve been doing internationally because it’s a little bit more special. It feels like you’re getting something more.”

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