Risk Management

Online Meetings Increase Chances for a Data Breach By Maura Keller

In an age where technology controls many facets of a business, attention to cybersecurity is becoming paramount.

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“If you don’t have a formal crisis communication plan, it’s too often that either nobody will respond to the problem, or too many people will…”

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Better Safe Than SorryFebruary 19, 2019
Every Planner Should Have an Effective Emergency Plan in Place for All Events By Christine Loomis

Every planner should have a comprehensive safety and security plan in place for every event, as well as thorough knowledge of the safety and security protocols and procedures at host venues.

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Comprehensive Crisis Management Plans Are Needed Now More Than Ever By Derek Reveron

The need for a comprehensive crisis management plan is greater than ever. Planners must be prepared for a wide variety of safety and security threats ranging from fights between attendees and tablecloth fires to natural disasters and bomb threats.

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Are You Covered?May 1, 2018
Meeting Planning Liability Looms Large, From Damage to Property, Reputations and More By Maura Keller

Predicting the future is like forecasting the weather. You think you can anticipate what’s going to happen — then it doesn’t.

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Safe Overseas?April 1, 2018
Security Experts Address Planners’ Top Concerns for International Meetings By Ron Bernthal

Corporate meeting planners, particularly those who manage large meetings abroad, are concerned about the safety and security of their attendees and staff more than ever.

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Cybersecurity — Don't Get Caught in the Phisher's Net By Christine Loomis

Is the meetings industry setting itself up for a catastrophic cyber incident in the near future?

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Experts Weigh in on Critical and New Legal Pitfalls, From Event Security to Marijuana By John Buchanan

“In today’s world, a meeting host and planner have to plan for every conceivable contingency — and have insurance coverage in place.”

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Stories From the Field and Lessons Learned By Christine Loomis

Weather disruptions can put the resourcefulness of meeting planners to the test as they must anticipate and adapt to rapidly changing conditions to salvage current and future programs.

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How Growing Safety and Security Concerns Are Impacting Overseas Site Selection By John Buchanan

Over the last year, a series of terrorist attacks has dampened enthusiasm for some popular European destinations.

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