Golf & Spa ResortsJune 1, 2018
Premier Properties Where Every Attendee Can Find Something to Love By Christine Loomis

A golf and spa resort can offer such a variety of activities, that there’s no need for attendees to go elsewhere.

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Tips and Strategies From Planners and Golf Professionals By Christine Loomis

Many articles have been written about the value of golf as a business tool. Certainly it provides several hours of networking between shots and facilitates face time between people in different departments or at different levels within a company.

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Golf & Spa ResortsJune 1, 2017
A Score Card on Select Properties From the Planner Point of View By Christine Loomis

Golf and spa resorts are expert hosts for corporate tournaments, but they meet the needs of planners and attendees in many other ways.

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The Sweet Spot for Reward and Incentive Programs By Christine Loomis

Meetings at golf and spa resorts combine achieving corporate business goals with time for employees to play and relax.

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Golf & Spa ResortsJune 1, 2015
Where Shared Experiences Are Good for Business By Patrick Simms

Some of the most successful corporate meetings mix business and pleasure in ways that are actually good for business, and great golf & spa resorts enable planners to achieve that effect.

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Engage Attendees With Competitive Tourneys, Charity Events and Lasting Memories By Patrick Simms

In corporate America, golf events have always been a “safe bet.”

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Why Meeting at Golf and Spa Resorts Is Back in Vogue By Derek Reveron

Golf and spa resorts continue to upgrade and refresh their unique combination of world-class championship golf courses, specialty spas, grand guest rooms and ample meeting space.

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Experts’ Strategies to Engage Players and Score More Business By Karen Brost

Make no mistake about it. There’s a lot that can be accomplished on a golf course that has nothing to do with hitting a spectacular drive straight down the fairway or making a difficult putt. There’s just no telling how many business deals have been brokered or cemented while the participants were hitting the greens.

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Maximize the Meeting Experience By Derek Reveron

The legendary sportswriter Grant­land Rice once said, “Golf gives you an insight into human nature, your own as well as your opponent’s.” Attendees who love golf would undoubtedly agree with Rice. The nature of the game, especially its casual pace, allows business people to bond while sharing the fun and joyous frustration of a very […]

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