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Earn Your ReturnMay 15, 2023
Proving Incentive Program ROI in the Post-Pandemic World By Christine Loomis

Are incentive programs still able to provide solid ROI to the companies that invest in them, and how is that ROI delivered?

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A Sporting ChanceApril 11, 2022
Sports Incentives Offer Unforgettable Experiences By Maura Keller

Sports incentive travel programs are a one-of-a-kind experience for attendees.

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Island Retreats Offer Idyllic Hideaways and More for Planners and Attendees By Christine Loomis

As retreats go, nothing beats having your convention or event on an island replete with sandy beaches, turquoise water and fun in the sun…

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Meetings at SeaSeptember 21, 2018
How Planners Motivate Top Performers By Patrick Simms

Every incentive program needs a “selling point” to potential qualifiers, and for most, the prospect of a cruise with a captivating itinerary is a strong enough motivation.

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With So Many Places From Which to Choose, a World of Wonder Awaits By Monica Compton

From Australia to Croatia, Nashville to Napa, planners have a plethora of worldwide options when choosing a location for their incentive meeting.

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Bring the Whole FamilyAugust 30, 2018
When Families Feel Welcome, Attendees Feel Grateful By Christine Loomis

Inviting families to accompany attendees at meetings and incentive events can boost attendance, underscore and promote a family-friendly corporate culture and serve as motivation for employees striving to qualify for annual corporate reward programs.

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All-Inclusive ResortsAugust 29, 2018
Premier Properties That Cater to Groups — and ROI By Patrick Simms

Given the prominence of tech trends in the meetings industry, mention of the “AI” acronym will often bring artificial intelligence to mind. But longtime planners, particularly in the incentive space, may well think “all-inclusive” instead.

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Attendees Crave Authenticity in International Travel Experiences By Christine Loomis

Today’s travelers want an experience that gives them real insight into a destination, from its history, food and people to its very essence.

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Budgets Are Up, and So Are the Program Management Challenges By Maura Keller

The Incentive Research Foundation’s 2018 Outlook Study shows that Incentive travel budgets are up with an average per-person spend of $3,915, an increase of 4 percent over last year.

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Meetings at SeaSeptember 1, 2017
Planners Share Why Meeting & Incentive Programs on Cruise Ships Work So Well By David Swanson

A growing number of companies are finding that corporate events at sea sometimes offer an edge over traditional land-based programs. A 4.5 percent increase is projected for 2017, fueled by a growing supply of new and bigger ships.

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