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The F&B ChallengeAugust 22, 2022
Two Years Ago, Food & Beverage Offerings Changed By Maura Keller

As meeting and event attendees become food savvy, crave variety and demand a wider range of flavors, unique food and beverage options are now viewed as an easy avenue to please attendees and keep them coming back for more

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Today, despite COVID-19’s temporary impact on how food and beverages are served, food and drink options are wide ranging to meet the evolving dietary interests of attendees.

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Table MannersOctober 23, 2020
Chefs And Planners Now Take A Different Approach To Food & Beverage Service By Sophia Bennett

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted every aspect of the hospitality industry, including how people regard food and beverage service…

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When it comes time to evaluating food & beverage options for meetings, flavor and price may be at the top of your list of priorities…

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Healthy ChoiceSeptember 21, 2018
Healthy Food and Beverage Options Are Showing Up More Frequently at Events By Sophia Bennett

Evidence of the trend toward a healthier lifestyle is everywhere. In the event industry, the place where it shows up most frequently is the demand for healthier food and beverages.

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Interactive F&B Experiences Connect Attendees to Their Meetings By Maura Keller

As corporate meeting and event patrons become food savvy and demand a wider range of flavors, unique food and beverage options are now viewed as a straightforward way to please attendees and keep them coming back for more.

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Food Trends & Tactics to Design Healthier Menus and Satisfy Divergent Tastes By Sophia Bennett

Serving really good food made with real ingredients can go a long way toward satisfying everyone.

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Where Opportunities for Authentic Culinary Experiences Abound By Ron Bernthal

For corporate meeting planners these days, food is not only essential to creating an entertaining and engaging experience for a private dinner for 50 or an incentive party for 500, but often a destination will be chosen because of its reputation as a foodie city.

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Creative Cuisine for Cutting-Edge Events By Sophia Bennett

Environmental sustainability, personalization and experiential learning are influencing F&B trends for 2017.

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The Foodie ExperienceJanuary 1, 2017
For Sophisticated Attendees, Creativity in Cuisine and Presentation Is Everything By Christine Loomis

One of the biggest trends in F&B these days is not actually about the food. It’s about how the food is presented and displayed.

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