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Memorable PharmaOctober 21, 2023
The Keys to Dynamic Pharmaceutical Meetings By Marlene Goldman

As more companies continue the return to in-person meetings, pharmaceutical event planners are finding new ways to help create memorable pharma events.

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Medical MovesJune 24, 2020
Embracing the Nuances of Health Care Meetings By Maura Keller

The COVID-19 pandemic has created myriad challenges for the meetings and events within the medical community…

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January 2018 brought a new era of increased transparency and vetted ethics and compliance into the medical meetings industry.

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A Planner’s Prescription to Maximize HCP Attendance By Patrick Simms

Health care professional (HCP) attendance at life sciences company meetings has been healthy over the past several years.

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From PhRMA Guidelines to F&B Caps and a Seller’s Market, the Challenges Are Many By Patrick Simms

Life can be challenging for corporate planners in a seller’s market, and especially so for many of those in the medical meetings sector.

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Planners Look to Cities With Suppliers Who Understand Compliance Guidelines By Patrick Simms

A strong local medical community and suppliers who are certified and know the rules help cities become major players.

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Perception and Transparency Issues Challenge Pharma Meeting Planners Still By John Buchanan

Concerns about optics have forced pharmaceutical companies to set limits on the amounts of money they can spend on hotel rooms, meals and other costs.

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How Medical Meeting Planners Are Managing New Roles and Regulations Under the Sunshine Act By Gabi Logan

The advent of the Sunshine Act demonstrates a major shift in medical meeting planning that has been growing ever clearer in recent years.

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Medical MeetingsJuly 1, 2013
A Positive Outlook and New Facilities Help Ease the Pain of Tough New Regulations By Timothy Herrick

Medical meetings may have survived the economic downturn, but 2013 brings additional challenges to pharma meetings in the name of the Affordable Care Act. The most sweeping federal health care legislation since Medicare in the 1960s, this controversial law has dominated political debates ever since its 2009 passage. Because most provisions of the law go […]

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But Planners Worry It Won’t Be Alright for Pharma Meetings By Patrick Simms

  “Here Comes the Sun” for the pharmaceutical meeting industry this year, as companies will have to report their payments and transfers of value made to physicians (of $10 or more) to the government under the Physician Payment Sunshine Act. According to the “final rule” issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) […]

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