Budgeting for LifeApril 16, 2024
Planners Planning for Retirement By Marlene Goldman

One of the keys to event management is for meeting planners to think long-term in creating solutions to stay within budget. Planners can tap into that same forethought when budgeting and planning in their personal lives, including for their own retirement.

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Tool TimeAugust 9, 2023
Meeting Planning Tools That Deliver By Maura Keller

The meetings industry is constantly afflux with evolving tools that make the corporate meeting event planning and attendance experience streamlined.

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Hit the TargetApril 17, 2023
Creating a More Strategic RFP By Carmen Anthony

Meeting planners and venues, as well as suppliers, need to build robust relationships. A first step begins with a request for proposal (RFP), especially when meeting planners want to choose a venue without an initial visit.

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Our 2023 Industry Events Calendar Is A Must-Have For Meeting Planners By Coastal Communications

With events from London to Los Angeles, we’ve compiled a list of what’s happening across the globe — plus details on how to attend.

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“Relationship building is, and always will be, an advantage to those who realize its importance…”

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Clear Communication Will Make the Difference Between a Successful and Disastrous Event By Christine Loomis

Planners often wonder what the best practices are for handling conflicts that arise onsite at conferences or in the planning process. But in the world of planning meetings, when aren’t the stakes high?

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Skills That Drive SuccessDecember 11, 2018
It Takes More Than Experience and Creativity to Plan a Winning Meeting By Patrick Simms

The skill set of the successful meeting planner includes effective communication, attention to detail, organization, time management and multitasking. But many of the skills in the event-planning trade go beyond basic logistical abilities and are no less important.

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Our Group of Savvy and Experienced Meeting Pros Share Their Insights and Perspectives By Christine Loomis

The core elements of meeting planning remain largely the same. But forces impacting them change regularly, requiring planners to make ongoing adjustments to work parameters and processes.

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From Floundering Failures to Super Successes By Christine Loomis

Success, according to legions of leaders from industry, politics and beyond, is in many ways dependent on failure. John C. Maxwell, noted author and speaker, put it this way: “Without failure, there is no achievement.” Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX among other companies, famously points to his resume of “epic failures” and says, “If things […]

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Keeping Up With Technology and Client Expectations Gives Independent Planners a Leg Up By Patrick Simms

Successful businesses stay abreast of how client expectations evolve, and meeting planning companies are no exception.

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