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Seismic ShiftDecember 12, 2022
There is No Back-to-Normal Scenario as a New Normal Prevails By Kathy Monte

There is no going back to 2019. Unfortunately, that is the reality the meetings industry must accept. In-person meetings came to a halt, meeting planners were forced to pivot to virtual events — and nothing has been the same.

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A New PrescriptionMarch 3, 2022
Medical/Pharma Meetings Evolve to Meet Demand By Maura Keller

In the midst on the ongoing pandemic, medical and pharmaceutical companies are emerging as leaders as it pertains to the modification of today’s meetings and events.

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Experts Remain Confident the Full Recovery is Coming Soon By Henry Fitzgerald

We asked several of these leaders for their thoughts on how the industry can continue to recover in 2022.

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After being holed up inside for months, away from co-workers and others, many planners are championing outdoor meetings.

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The long-term impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on medical and pharma meetings remains to be seen.

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In-Person Events Are Possible With Proper Precautions By Christine Loomis

While in-person events are not yet booming, there is forward progress.

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Drive TimeFebruary 15, 2021
Attendees Don’t Have To Fly When They Can Get Behind The Wheel By Maura Keller

Attendees Don’t Have To Fly When They Can Get Behind The Wheel

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Technological advancements within the meetings and events sector are in a constant state of flux…

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Are planners willing to change the way they think and embrace a new approach? By John Buchanan

Over the past decade, the planning and execution of corporate meetings have been transformed into something more sophisticated than what had preceded for a half-century. But throughout that remarkable metamorphosis, one element has remained virtually unchanged — the meeting room.

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Event Tech UpdateJanuary 1, 2018
Stay Up to Speed So You Don’t Get Left Behind By Derek Reveron

Planners are gradually adopting a growing variety of event technologies, but are a long way from reaping the full benefits. As a result, experts say, they are missing out on ways to increase planning efficiency and improve the attendee experience.

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