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Remote WorkMay 6, 2024
No Place Like Home By Rayna Katz

Thanks in large part to the pandemic, working from home — or working remotely, as it’s often called — has become commonplace across corporate America, and the meeting industry is no exception to that trend.

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Better Options, More Efficiency, Accuracy in the Industry By Christine Loomis

From a planner’s perspective, 2024 still looks positive, even though budgeting continues to be an unresolved problem — and the number one most challenging aspect of event planning.

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Ripe for InnovationJanuary 22, 2024
The Meeting Industry’s Unprecedented Growth By Keith Loria

Characterized as being more dynamic, more digital and more impactful, the meeting industry is also better prepared to play a leading role in today’s global challenges.

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Bleisure TrendsDecember 15, 2023
Hopping on the Bleisure Train By Maura Keller

In corporate event management, a destination can be as important as the event itself.

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Inside the Industry’s Upward Trajectory By Maritza Cosano

Here’s what these industry experts had to say on what the industry will look like in 2024.

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Demand DilemmasNovember 20, 2023
How Increased Leisure Travel is Impacting Meetings By Christine Loomis

The demand for travel is making it difficult for meeting and events planners to book rooms that leadership and attendees desire.

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Earn Your ReturnMay 15, 2023
Proving Incentive Program ROI in the Post-Pandemic World By Christine Loomis

Are incentive programs still able to provide solid ROI to the companies that invest in them, and how is that ROI delivered?

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Hit the TargetApril 17, 2023
Creating a More Strategic RFP By Carmen Anthony

Meeting planners and venues, as well as suppliers, need to build robust relationships. A first step begins with a request for proposal (RFP), especially when meeting planners want to choose a venue without an initial visit.

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Seismic ShiftDecember 12, 2022
There is No Back-to-Normal Scenario as a New Normal Prevails By Kathy Monte

There is no going back to 2019. Unfortunately, that is the reality the meetings industry must accept. In-person meetings came to a halt, meeting planners were forced to pivot to virtual events — and nothing has been the same.

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A New PrescriptionMarch 3, 2022
Medical/Pharma Meetings Evolve to Meet Demand By Maura Keller

In the midst on the ongoing pandemic, medical and pharmaceutical companies are emerging as leaders as it pertains to the modification of today’s meetings and events.

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