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Meetings at SeaFebruary 15, 2024
How Disney & Other Cruise Lines Are Leading a New Era of Incentive Travel By Marlene Goldman

The growing trend of meetings at sea is keeping corporate event planners sailing away.

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Cruising RenaissanceSeptember 15, 2023
Planners Find Value in Cruise Meetings & Incentives By David Swanson

With a total of 38,500 new berths coming online this year, the cruise industry appears to be experiencing a new renaissance.

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Success at SeaJune 26, 2023
Expanding Itineraries and New Ships Create Planner Appeal By Maura Keller

Now that the pandemic has waned and cruising is getting back to normal, more and more meeting planners are turning their sights to the horizon and considering hosting a corporate meeting or incentive trip on a cruise.

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Cruising AlongFebruary 17, 2023
Meetings and Incentives at Sea Offer Appealing Options By David Swanson

Three years ago, as the COVID-19 crisis brought meeting and incentive programs to a halt, the cruise industry was impacted dramatically. For 15 months, U.S.-based cruise companies shut down operation of all ships, and only slowly resumed cruising in summer 2021, with numerous pandemic-related hiccups along the way.

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Welcome AboardAugust 22, 2022
The Future Looks Bright for Cruise Meetings By Maura Keller

Cruising, whether it be on large-scale vessels traveling through oceans to exotic lands or more intimate river cruises for smaller gatherings, have been a favorite among meeting and event planners for years.

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The Waves AwaitJune 20, 2022
Cruise Meetings Are Again an Option for Planners By David Swanson

It hardly seems possible, but cruise ships recently reached the one-year anniversary of heading back to sea following 15 months of the pandemic-imposed shutdown.

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Sea WatchFebruary 24, 2022
Cruise Lines Show Resolve as They Sail Into 2022 By Nancy Mueller

Learning to navigate new COVID-19 norms and variants, while ensuring passenger trust in the safety of cruise travel after an unexpected, forced hiatus has been challenging at best.

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The Sea BeckonsAugust 23, 2021
Cruise Lines Are Seeing MICE Bookings Resume By Christine Loomis

Ships are also now sailing in the Caribbean, Asia, Europe and beyond. That’s not just critical for the cruise lines; it’s critical for all those ports and the small businesses within them that depend on tourism to survive and thrive.

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Cruise ControlJune 24, 2020
Cruise Lines Planning To Sail Full Steam Ahead By Patrick Simms

While the global health crisis has “docked” the cruise industry for the last several months, the return to the high seas isn’t too far off…

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Meetings at SeaSeptember 21, 2018
How Planners Motivate Top Performers By Patrick Simms

Every incentive program needs a “selling point” to potential qualifiers, and for most, the prospect of a cruise with a captivating itinerary is a strong enough motivation.

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