Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Means ServiceJanuary 20, 2023
Planned Properly, Events Can Contribute to the Greater Good By Sara Churchville

Corporations are committed to environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives, and many have become vocal about the social stances they choose to take.

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Doing Great ThingsAugust 22, 2022
Meetings With a CSR Component Help the Community By Maura Keller

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is quickly becoming a key component within the meetings and events industry.

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How Companies Can Make a Difference in the Meetings Industry By Nancy Mueller

Today’s leading edge organizations are now including economic, environmental and social programs for a more holistic and integrated approach to their company’s efforts.

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One of the marks of a great conference, meeting or event is how memorable the speakers are…

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It’s a Giving ThingDecember 1, 2017
Meetings With Meaning Are More Important Than Ever for Companies and Their Employees By Mark Rowh

“Many employees, especially the younger ones, want to know how the company they work for is making a difference.”

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Strategic CSRJune 1, 2016
Doing Good While Supporting the Company's Business Goals By Patrick Simms

Extending corporate social responsibility into the meetings sphere is not only the right thing to do, it creates a more engaged work force.

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Tech Companies Often Lead the Way in Eco-Responsible Practices By Patrick Simms

A corporate culture informed by sustainability is reflected in an eco-minded approach to events.

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By Maura Keller

Corporate Social Responsibility can take many forms and can be a quadruple win for everyone involved.

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Rich and Meaningful Experiences Make Your CSR Event a Memorable Source of Inspiration By Derek Reveron

Teambuilding activities now more than ever revolve around doing good works, which benefit attendees nearly as much as the charities they serve.

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The Causes and Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility By Stella Johnson

Corporate giving is a given, whether it takes the form of community involvement or environmental responsibility. The impetus for doing good may come from an embedded corporate mission and culture, a public relations move to offset negative optics, a mandate from shareholders, or more purely and simply, from societal expectations. But in this age of […]

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