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Attendees in ControlFebruary 14, 2024
What Today’s Attendees Expect from Events By Maura Keller

Today, attendees expect meetings and events to be personalized affairs, where fluid agendas reign, appealing to a diverse audience with a variety of interests and preferences.

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Building Their BrandFebruary 12, 2024
Rise of the Independent Meeting & Event Planner By Maura Keller

Indeed, venturing into independent event planning demands determination, organization and a strong work ethic.

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Better Options, More Efficiency, Accuracy in the Industry By Christine Loomis

From a planner’s perspective, 2024 still looks positive, even though budgeting continues to be an unresolved problem — and the number one most challenging aspect of event planning.

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Crisis ManagementJanuary 22, 2024
How to Prepare a Strategic Plan By Christine Loomis

Meeting planners need to know how to prepare a strategic plan for their events because at some point, they’ll face an unexpected crisis.

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Ripe for InnovationJanuary 22, 2024
The Meeting Industry’s Unprecedented Growth By Keith Loria

Characterized as being more dynamic, more digital and more impactful, the meeting industry is also better prepared to play a leading role in today’s global challenges.

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Bleisure TrendsDecember 15, 2023
Hopping on the Bleisure Train By Maura Keller

In corporate event management, a destination can be as important as the event itself.

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On Partnering With Planners to Ensure Continual Success By Coastal Communications

Kelly Gleeson Smith, vice president of sales, Caesars Entertainment, leads an amazing team of talented sales people that cultivate face-to-face meetings and events for major corporations and associations held throughout the Caesars Entertainment empire.

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Pop-Up SituationsNovember 15, 2023
How Planners Prepare for the Unexpected By Maura Keller

Planning for contingencies, no matter how rare, is vital for the safety and security of attendees and for the bottom line of the corporations hosting these events.

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The Pulse Of RecoverySeptember 15, 2023
Meetings Get Back on Track By Maura Keller

The topic of the long-term effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on industries has been bandied about in all sectors of the world. The meetings and events industry is no exception.

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While Keeping Attendees Engaged & Secure By Chloe LaBelle

Today’s attendees want something more – they seek experiences that are engaging, intriguing and safe at the same time.

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