Green Meetings

The Shift to Sustainable Corporate Meetings & Events By Christine Loomis

Corporations are also leaning into greater sustainability, coming into planning with a range of requirements for their meetings and conventions.

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A Joint Effort Between Planners and Suppliers Reaches a Deeper Shade of Green By Patrick Simms

Running environmentally responsible meetings is an ongoing challenge for planners.

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Encouraging Green Initiatives at Events Is Good Business, Too By Maura Keller

A holistic approach to sustainability encompasses environmental, economic and social issues.

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Tech Companies Often Lead the Way in Eco-Responsible Practices By Patrick Simms

A corporate culture informed by sustainability is reflected in an eco-minded approach to events.

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The Causes and Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility By Stella Johnson

Corporate giving is a given, whether it takes the form of community involvement or environmental responsibility. The impetus for doing good may come from an embedded corporate mission and culture, a public relations move to offset negative optics, a mandate from shareholders, or more purely and simply, from societal expectations. But in this age of […]

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