Team OrientedJune 14, 2021
As In-Person Meetings Return, So Will In-Person Team Building By Cynthia Dial

While virtual/hybrid meetings will continue for a while, planners will soon need to dust off those in-person team-building ideas sitting on the shelf for months.

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The Show Must Go OnAugust 12, 2020
Should Planners Use In-House Or Independent Vendors? By Patrick Simms

A meeting group’s ability to bring in an external A/V company can unfortunately be a source of friction between planner and hotelier…

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“Relationship building is, and always will be, an advantage to those who realize its importance…”

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More and more meeting planners are turning their attention to gaming resorts…

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Attendees Are Drawn to Live and Interactive Activities at Events By Maura Keller

Orchestrating entertainment at any meeting or event can be challenging.

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Creative Strategies to Make Your Message Come Alive By Patrick Simms

A planner’s reputation in part depends on attendees’ reaction to the event; and the entertainment component, like the cuisine, is one of those features that tends to color the entire experience.

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Lights! Camera! Action!December 1, 2017
Setting the Stage for Event Entertainment By Cynthia Dial

Follow us through a collection of tips given by pros who have a triumphant track record in the arena of amusement.

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A Creative Event Expert’s Favorite Ideas to Take Events to the Next Level By Michael Cerbelli

“Many people ask me, ‘“What is the next big thing? What will we be seeing a lot on next year’s Hot List?’ I predict it is going to be HEAVY on technology…and it’s going to take our event industry by storm in a very strange way.”

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The Perfect Backdrop to Inspire, Engage and Entertain By Maura Keller

A one-stop-shop of unique venues and exclusive experiences appeals to planners — and a mixed demographic.

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Entertainment by DesignDecember 1, 2016
Deliver a Personal, Interactive Experience That Fits Your Demographics and Event Theme By Patrick Simms

“Entertainment should not be an afterthought. The success of entertainment has to come from a design perspective.”

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