Family-Friendly Meetings

Time TogetherDecember 12, 2022
Family-Friendly Meetings Offer Extra Appeal By Christine Loomis

Incentives easily lend themselves to family-friendly gatherings, but even corporate meetings focused squarely on business can benefit by allowing attendees to bring family along, creating an easy way for employees to enjoy family vacation time before or after meetings.

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An Abundance of Family Friendly Fun By Nancy Mueller

When your goal is to reward, relax and reset in a unique and innovative venue, theme-parks have it all: family friendly attractions, interactive outdoor adventures, safe animal encounters, and more.

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Team WorkAugust 12, 2020
Cultivate Strong Partner Relationships For Ultimate Meeting Success By Nancy Mueller

Ask any meeting planner what it takes to create a successful corporate event and one key factor consistently stands out: the ability to maintain strong partner relationships…

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The Struggle at HomeAugust 12, 2020
Planners Working Remotely Find Ways To Balance Parenthood And Professionalism By Maura Keller

Balancing the demands of work with family responsibilities remains one of the most talked-about issues for parents today…

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“Relationship building is, and always will be, an advantage to those who realize its importance…”

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Bring the Whole FamilyAugust 30, 2018
When Families Feel Welcome, Attendees Feel Grateful By Christine Loomis

Inviting families to accompany attendees at meetings and incentive events can boost attendance, underscore and promote a family-friendly corporate culture and serve as motivation for employees striving to qualify for annual corporate reward programs.

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The Perfect Backdrop to Inspire, Engage and Entertain By Maura Keller

A one-stop-shop of unique venues and exclusive experiences appeals to planners — and a mixed demographic.

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Planning Meetings That March to the Beat of a Different Drummer By Patrick Simms

Corporate planners have long used the “themed event” as the centerpiece to their meetings. But the entire meeting, not just a night or two, is made memorable when staged at one of the country’s great theme parks.

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By John Buchanan

Now that companies are again robustly using meetings and events to drive their bottom lines, many planners are looking for new weapons to add to their arsenals. One tactic that is quickly becoming more popular than ever before is the inclusion of children as attendees to make the meeting a family experience. Garen Gouveia, founder […]

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