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Planning Executive RetreatsSeptember 15, 2023
Tips For Planning Effective Retreats By Maura Keller

While executive retreats can be extremely effective for helping executives renew themselves, creating retreats that are effective and not seen as a waste of an executive’s time, is paramount.

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By Coastal Communications

March 30th was a day of celebration for the meetings industry. Global Meetings Industry Day recognized the importance of the meetings industry and its impact on local, state and the global economy.

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Small, But MightyApril 17, 2023
Smaller Meetings Make Sense When Encountering Restrictions By Chloe LaBelle

Although large-scale events and conventions continue, smaller meetings are being celebrated for all they have to offer.

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A Return To F2FJune 20, 2022
Take Measures to Ensure Attendees Choose to Meet in Person By Patrick Simms

The face-to-face attendee experience is generally regarded as superior to virtual, particularly for meetings where networking and relationship building are among the objectives.

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Keynote ConnectionAugust 23, 2021
More Than Ever, Finding the Right Speaker is Paramount By Maura Keller

Identifying and finding the ideal keynote speaker requires due diligence and a keen understanding of what would resonate with meeting and event attendees.

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It’s Important to Keep Green Initiatives Atop the List By Christine Loomis

Creating sustainable meetings has been top of mind for planners and venues for several years. Then came a pandemic, driving health and safety to the forefront, which begs the question: Is sustainability still a priority?

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Today, despite COVID-19’s temporary impact on how food and beverages are served, food and drink options are wide ranging to meet the evolving dietary interests of attendees.

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In-Person Events Are Possible With Proper Precautions By Christine Loomis

While in-person events are not yet booming, there is forward progress.

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Meeting Rooms of the Future

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Making a Game of ItJanuary 21, 2019
Interactive Technology Boosts Attendee Experience By Maura Keller

From using smartphones to measure steps walked during a wellness conference to participating in event-wide “competitions” among attendees, the gamification of corporate events and meetings management has taken center stage. Gamification, or gaming strategy, is the utilization of technology to entice meeting attendees in various ways. Social media and interactive networks are increasing daily, and […]

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