Preparing For The FutureDecember 16, 2021
CVBs and DMOs Adapted During the Pandemic By Nancy Mueller

CVBs and DMOs have learned how to weather the COVID-19 pandemic roller coaster as well as any entity in the travel and tourism industry.

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Connect With CVBsOctober 17, 2018
Their Assistance and Availability Helps Planners Succeed By Derek Reveron

Suppose a planner arranges for a group to drive between several restaurants for a dine-around. The planner checks a map to estimate the travel times based on the shortest routes between restaurants.

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How to Leverage the Relationship for Better Meeting Outcomes By Derek Reveron

Planning a meeting, especially one that is large, complex or takes place in an unfamiliar location, can be a formidable task. Planners overwhelmed with stretching tight budgets and juggling multiple daily tasks may lack the time to handle every meeting detail.

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Let CVBs Work Their Magic for Your Planning Wish List By Christine Loomis

Convention and visitors bureaus can grant planners more time, money and the kind of local, authentic experiences attendees crave.

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How CVBs Set Their Destinations Apart By Christine Loomis

In addition to highlighting the destination itself, the right experiences give attendees a break from meetings, shake things up and more often than not send them back to the business at hand energized and able to think in new and creative ways.

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Strengthening Industry Relationships That Are Crucial to Success By Maura Keller

Meeting planners, CVBs, live event agencies, DMCs, rental companies and other suppliers must work effectively together to deliver the best possible outcome.

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A New Name, New Mission and New Value Proposition for Destination Organizations By Christine Loomis

President and CEO Don Welsh tells how DMAI’s rebranding will significantly empower CVBs to excel.

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NextGen CVBsOctober 1, 2015
The Changing Role of Destination Marketing Organizations By Karen Brost

The role of CVBs and DMOs is evolving to meet the changing needs of its markets now that we live in a digital world.

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CVBs Work Hard to Dispel Common Misconceptions and Tout Little Known Virtues By Patrick Simms

Convention and visitors bureaus show planners creative new ways to use their cities.

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Standout CVBsSeptember 1, 2014
Some One-Stop Shops Are Better Than Others By Patrick Simms

To a planner, a CVB is more than just a list of meeting services, it is a group of people who deliver those services with a certain disposition and personality.

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