Risk Management

Blanket SecurityAugust 29, 2018
Keeping a Meeting Safe Means Thinking of Everything By John Buchanan

No issue is more important to association conventions and trade shows than the safety and security of staff and attendees. Yet, experts say, too many associations are woefully underprepared for catastrophic incidents such as a terrorist attack, violent protest, natural disaster or medical emergency.

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Vigilant, Cyber-savvy Planners Can Beat Hackers at Their Own Game By John Buchanan

While associations pay careful attention to virtually every aspect of their meetings when it comes to planning, promotion, content and travel arrangements, one area that is often neglected is cybersecurity and safety.

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Ensuring the Safety of Meeting Attendees Is Tops on Planners’ Agendas Today By Christine Loomis

Like it or not, the world has changed. The Events Industry Council ranked safety and security No. 1 in its top five trends shaping the events industry.

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A Comprehensive, Well-Communicated Risk-Assessment Plan Makes All the Difference By Christine Loomis

There are a host of potential safety and security problems that pose more realistic threats than terrorism.

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A Game Plan Is Essential to Keep People Safe and Secure By Mark Rowh

The challenges of risk management for association planners may be complicated by the independent nature of membership.

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Reduce Your RiskDecember 1, 2014
Make Sure Your Association's Risk Management Roadmap Is Ready to Roll By Gabi Logan

Meeting planners know that information and preparedness are key to putting on great events, and a risk management plan is crucial for success.

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Be Prepared With a Solid Communications Strategy By Derek Reveron

Today, the fallout from Superstorm Sandy lingers as associations were forced to cancel or postpone conferences that were scheduled in destinations in the storm’s path.

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