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Ways to Increase Revenue, Attendance and Exhibitors By Christine Loomis

When it comes to growing a trade show, planners have critical questions to ask. We asked several high-level industry experts to weigh in on how best to drive trade show growth.

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Innovations That Drive Up Value for Today’s Attendees and Exhibitors By Maura Keller

In the world of association trade shows, it’s all about getting people to engage with an organization’s products, services and brand.

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Trends and Tactics to Boost Traffic and Build New Business By Sophia Bennett

New tech tools and floor strategies to create a more personalized and interactive experience.

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Outlook 2017December 1, 2016
Innovation, Learning and Policy Will Shape the 2017 Meetings Industry By John Graham

As we start 2017, there are several trends that organizations and the teams involved in designing and implementing meetings will need to consider in order to meet the changing needs of their members and attendees.

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Trade Show TrendsApril 1, 2016
Novel Ideas and Big Data Emerge to Deliver Impressive Results and Enhanced Experiences By John Buchanan

A fresh approach to the show floor is aimed at Improving exhibitor and sponsor ROI.

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‘Experience Design’ Gives Attendees a Reason to Stay and Explore By Patrick Simms

Event organizers need to find ways to make the trade show floor experience appealing at the very least and dazzlingly memorable at best.

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Exhibition Planning Executives Put New Trends and Tactics Into Practice By Patrick Simms

Many factors can influence show growth and performance, but the primary one is the vitality of the target industry.

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Show and TellFebruary 1, 2014
Planners Reveal Their Exhibitor Retention Tactics By Derek Reveron

For association meeting and convention planners, a calculated exhibitor “show and tell” strategy is necessary to keep their most prized “possessions” coming back year after year.

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Trade Show TrendsApril 1, 2013
Attracting the Right People Spells Success By Patrick Simms

From the viewpoint of organizers and exhibitors, one of a trade show’s greatest signs of success is “the right people walking down the aisles.”

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