Green Meetings

More Planners Are Using Plant-Based Menus, Smaller Portions and Local Food Banks By Keith Loria

Over the years, food waste solutions in meetings and events have evolved from simply asking attendees to be mindful to more innovative practices.

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Selling SustainabilityJanuary 31, 2022
Experts Offer Practical Tips to Achieve Your Goals By Dan Johnson

Sustainability continues to be a significant worldwide issue, and though the meetings and events industry has focused on it extensively, much more work needs to be done.

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Green Practices Will Shape the Future of Meetings By Nancy Mueller

Beyond the basics of water and energy savings, and “reduction and reuse” of materials, sustainability has grown to include social considerations and “thriving economic practices,” among four core components outlined by the Events Industry Council in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Planners Share Their Steps to Leaving a Smaller Carbon Footprint By Sophia Bennett

“Green” has become a buzzword in the meetings industry.

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Leading by Example in Sustainability and Community Service By Maura Keller

Green and socially responsible meetings show that the association cares — a key to attracting millennial members.

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Green MeetingsFebruary 1, 2015
A Game Plan to Go From Green to Greener By Karen Brost

Organizations that are committed to sustainability are generating impressive results.

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Give Your Meeting a 'Green Story' By Gabi Logan

Can sustainable initiatives increase event registration, attendee satisfaction and stakeholder buy-in? Happy planners in the know certainly think so.

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