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Attendee Attention:July 13, 2020
As Meetings Go Virtual, Planners Must Devise Ways To Keep Attendees Engaged By Patrick Simms

For the time being, conventions have gone virtual, and many association planners have had to “up their game” in designing and facilitating these events…

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Keep the Message GoingNovember 27, 2018
Sponsorship Trends Are Leaning Toward Experiences Rather Than Branded Items By Patrick Simms

The experiential trend seems to be reaching every corner of the meetings industry, including conventions held by associations.

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Preparing for the Challenges and Opportunities Ahead By Cynthia Dial

With the seller’s market still applying pressure in 2018, planners must find ways to cut costs without sacrificing the all-important ROI for attendees and stakeholders.

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Interactive Tech and Boutique-Style Menus Lead By Phelps R. Hope

The meetings and conferences industry saw many changes in 2017 and that trend continues through next year.

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Speaker TrendsApril 1, 2017
From TED Talks to Interactivity, Today’s Approach Is Innovative and Impactful By John Buchanan

Over the last few years, what defines a successful presentation has changed.

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Leading by Example in Sustainability and Community Service By Maura Keller

Green and socially responsible meetings show that the association cares — a key to attracting millennial members.

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The Name of the Game Is to Get Them in the Door With the Right Value Proposition By Maura Keller

The pressure is on planners to show why theirs is THE meeting to attend over others.

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Outlook 2017December 1, 2016
Innovation, Learning and Policy Will Shape the 2017 Meetings Industry By John Graham

As we start 2017, there are several trends that organizations and the teams involved in designing and implementing meetings will need to consider in order to meet the changing needs of their members and attendees.

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From Honest Abes to 'Dummies,' There's a Convention for Whatever Floats Your Boat By Karen Brost

Here’s a look at some of the events held across the country that unite attendees for reasons that are a little more out of the ordinary.

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Marketing to MillennialsDecember 1, 2015
Event Engagement Strategies to Win Over the Next Generation of Membership By Patrick Simms

The long-term vitality of a trade association and its meetings requires a particular focus on millennials.

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