Today’s typical meeting or conference is a dramatically different place than it was just 10 or 15 years ago…

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Onsite Visits Sponsored by Local CVBs or DMOs Are a Win-Win For Planners and Venues Alike By Sophia Bennett

Familiarization or FAM trips allow meeting planners to visit a destination and determine if it’s a good fit for future conferences or other events.

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Planner-Hotel Sales Staff Relationships Don't Have to be Planets Apart By Christine Loomis

We spoke with five meeting planners and five hotel sales staffers to learn what lies at the core of this relationship and what it takes to make it work.

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Preparing for the Challenges and Opportunities Ahead By Cynthia Dial

With the seller’s market still applying pressure in 2018, planners must find ways to cut costs without sacrificing the all-important ROI for attendees and stakeholders.

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Q&A With ASAESeptember 1, 2017
President and CEO John H. Graham Reflects on Industry Issues of the Day By John Graham

Planners continue to face critical challenges, ranging from meeting design and risk management to travel bans, technology and more.

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Coping With StressFebruary 1, 2017
A Guide to Surviving and Thriving in a Meeting Planner's World By Diana Lambdin Meyer

“Meeting planners are high performers — we put a lot of pressure on ourselves, but that’s our nature.”

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