Design, Deliver Powerful Presentations By

Following, you’ll find a number of expert hints, tips and insights that can help you prepare your speakers to more effectively connect with and engage with attendees or connected viewers — and (regardless of whatever subject matter or format you’re working with), more effectively stand out.

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Trade ShowsMay 13, 2024
The Value of In-Person Interaction By

Trade shows have been an essential part of the business world for thousands of years, with companies and customers buying and selling products and trading ideas in exhibitions around the globe.

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Tips for Entrepreneurs Who Can’t Slow Down By

Dialing back is one of the hardest things for entrepreneurs to do, because for many of us, it feels like failure. I feel the opposite is true. An intentional pause can save your business. In other words, say no … for now.

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A New Recipe for Meeting Engagement By

Reflecting on the evolution of presentation tools from PowerPoint to more dynamic, interactive solutions, it’s clear that the journey toward enhancing meeting engagement is ongoing.

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Built to Beat ChaosNovember 13, 2023
(The Mind Shift That Changes Everything) By

Gary Harpst is the author of “Built to Beat Chaos: Biblical Wisdom for Leading Yourself and Others.” He is the founder and CEO of LeadFirst. He is a keynote speaker, writer and teacher whose areas of focus include leadership, business and the integration of faith at work. He has been recognized as one of the Top […]

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Working The Favor BankSeptember 21, 2023
Ten Ways To Grow Your Network And Get Things Done By

Looking for ways to help others does eventually result in their helping you, but that’s not the real payoff. It cultivates a mindset that not only leads to rewarding relationships but also helps you grow as a person.

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Cultivate Skills And Lean Traits To Make Communication Easier By

Traits that are required to create and communicate a compelling vision require leaders to focus on what is important to their company, their values and their team. 

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Weather or NotJuly 6, 2023
When Mother Nature Shows Up Unexpectedly at Your Meeting or Event By

Changing weather patterns require meeting planners to become more proactive about planning for severe weather or be faced with costly consequences.

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How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Will Redefine the Future of Meetings and Events By

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are currently the hottest topic in technology today – and a subject that’s quickly catching fire amongst MICE industry leaders as well.

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Attract the Right Attendees, Regardless of Format By

The very idea that it can be exhausting to sit in front of a screen all day sounds strange — but it’s real.

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