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Global GatheringsMay 15, 2023
The Pros & Cons of Holding Meetings Worldwide By David Swanson

Association meeting planners might be surprised to hear how the MICE sector is thriving in many overseas countries, sometimes exceeding 2019 activity.

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Planning Global MeetingsNovember 27, 2018
Convening in Destinations Outside of the U.S. Raises Educational Awareness By Patrick Simms

For growth-minded international associations, convening in new locations outside the United States is a key way to raise awareness of their educational offerings and, ultimately, gain new members across the world.

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It Takes a VillageNovember 1, 2017
The Keys to Successful Global Meetings By Sophia Bennett

Developing a network of international members and planners who work on international meetings is an important part of building your capacity and making your organization’s gatherings successful.

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How Planners Manage Meetings Outside Their Comfort Zone By Patrick Simms

New developments in an organization’s membership and/or the field it represents can motivate a global site choice. How to take a successful leap across the pond.

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Do Your Homework and Create a Passport to Success By Karen Brost

If there’s one thing that stays constant about planning meetings around the world, it’s the fact that things change.

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