Online Options:July 13, 2020
In The Age Of COVID-19, Experts Offer Tips To Keep Your Online Meetings Safe By Keith Loria

Virtual meetings can be prone to unauthorized eavesdropping, corporate espionage, real-time harassment, sabotage and data theft…

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Smart Meeting Management Tools Make Planners’ Lives Easier By Patrick Simms

Smart Meeting Management Tools Make Planners’ Lives Easier

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Tech the Halls!January 30, 2019
The Right Technology Tools for End-to-End Event Engagement By Derek Reveron

As planners face increasing pressure from association stakeholders and attendees to provide memorable experiences on limited budgets, they’re turning to engagement technology to achieve those goals.

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Demand for State-of-the-Art Wi-Fi Technology is Driving the Market By John Buchanan

While that knowledge gap remains a constant for many planners, especially at smaller
associations, the demand from attendees for state-of-the-art Wi-Fi capabilities is driving the market.

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Vigilant, Cyber-savvy Planners Can Beat Hackers at Their Own Game By John Buchanan

While associations pay careful attention to virtually every aspect of their meetings when it comes to planning, promotion, content and travel arrangements, one area that is often neglected is cybersecurity and safety.

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Tools of EngagementSeptember 1, 2017
The Options Are Many, but First, Know Your Audience By Patrick Simms

Many are the roads that lead to increased engagement at meetings. But the specifics of an engagement strategy should be informed by knowledge of the association membership, as opposed to fads in engagement techniques.

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Tune in to the Latest so Attendees Won’t Tune Out By Sara Churchville

“There’s practically no part of the event space that we aren’t considering how to digitize.”

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From Interactive Beacons to Virtual Booth Assistants, Associations Seek New Ways to Deliver a Better Experience By Sophia Bennett

If the right tech tools are implemented in the correct way, they can go a long way toward improving the experience of attendees, exhibitors, even the association planning the event.

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Savvy Planners Use New Tools to 'Expand and Enhance' the Experience By John Buchanan

The right mobile technology and social media ensure active participation before, during and after the event.

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But has event technology really made planners’ lives easier?

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