Medical AttentionSeptember 22, 2022
Med/Pharma Meeting Planners Adjust to Challenges By

As medical and pharmaceutical meetings strive for a “new normal,” planners must figure out what has changed, how meetings are evolving, where they’re meeting and what they see coming in the future.

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Celebrating the Best of the Best By

The deserving winners of the 2022 Distinctive Achievement Awards have met or exceeded the high standards that association meeting planners demand today.

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Keeping Stress at BaySeptember 19, 2022
The Proper Mindset Helps Planners Cope By

For meeting and event professionals in the association industry, stress is an expected outcome of the role.

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A Good CauseSeptember 19, 2022
The Importance of Corporate Social Responsibility By

Corporate social responsibility, or CSR, is on the “to-do list” of many associations as part of their meetings and events strategy.

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A Captive AudienceSeptember 19, 2022
5 Tips to Make Your Virtual Meetings More Engaging By

Now that it is clear remote and hybrid work is here to stay, we must ask ourselves how employers can best battle the issue of engagement in virtual meetings

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ADA AdviceSeptember 19, 2022
It’s Important to Make Meetings Accessible to All By

For any meeting, conference or event held today, it’s critical that planners consider everyone who may be in attendance, and that requires being ADA compliant so all attendees can have a positive experience.

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Navigating a CrisisSeptember 19, 2022
Leaders Learned About Themselves and Their Organizations By

These leaders are no strangers to adversity, and many of them relied on their experience to get through the toughest of times during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Forward FocusJuly 12, 2022
Event Design Has Evolved Over the Years By

While banquet-style soirees with featured speakers and networking social hours are a traditional approach that is well-received, more of today’s events are teeming with technological advancements and interactive opportunities that are simply awe-inspiring.

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The DEI DynamicJuly 12, 2022
The Meetings Industry Can be a Catalyst for Change By

As the world has become ever more divisive, the need for organizations to make DEI an integral part of their core mission and culture has become ever more critical.

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Back to BusinessJuly 12, 2022
CVBs Took Measures to Stay Strong During the Shutdown By

As the meetings and events industry continues its recovery from the economic slump of the last two years, CVBs around the country have shown not only resilience in the face of adversity, but actually CVBs have determinedly led the way in overall recovery efforts.

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