A Way To WellnessSeptember 15, 2021
Plugging Healthy Activities Into Events is a Plus By

Associations help attendees feel more physically and mentally fit by adding dedicated health and wellness programming to their agendas

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Innovative SponsorshipsSeptember 15, 2021
A Few Ideas to Find Partners During the Economic Downturn By

We asked four experts how they see sponsorship challenges today, how they think the situation will evolve and what creative strategies they’ve employed to negotiate successful sponsorships in a pandemic.

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Threat AssessmentSeptember 15, 2021
Put Cybersafety and Security Atop the Planning List By

As long as an event involves valuable electronic data — whether on organizers’ devices or attendees’ — it is a potential target of cybercriminals.

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Stress ReliefSeptember 15, 2021
How to Deal With the Pressures of Planning the Perfect Meeting By

If a meeting planner doesn’t take steps to deal with stress, it eventually can catch up to them and cause serious mental, personal or health problems.

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All In The FamilySeptember 15, 2021
Meeting Planners Seeking More Family Friendly Venues By

When planners design meetings with families in mind, it’s vital that they think about what’s available in the area for everyone to do.

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SMERF SuccessSeptember 15, 2021
This Segment of the Industry Faces Unique Challenges By

There are key steps that meeting planners can take to make SMERF meetings during this time of uncertainty successful.

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Moving ForwardJuly 9, 2021
Talking Pandemic Recovery With Michael Massari By

At MPI WEC 2021, Publisher Harvey Grotsky spoke with Michael Massari about the status of Caesars Entertainment and the industry in the wake of the pandemic.

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Green Practices Will Shape the Future of Meetings By

Beyond the basics of water and energy savings, and “reduction and reuse” of materials, sustainability has grown to include social considerations and “thriving economic practices,” among four core components outlined by the Events Industry Council in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Virtual TeamworkJuly 5, 2021
Team Building Can Work, Even in Online Meetings By

With virtual/hybrid meetings and events frequently the only option now, it’s crucial for planners to know how to facilitate team building with participants scattered across the country or even the globe.

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Number CrunchingJuly 5, 2021
Survey Data Helps You Understand Your Audience By

The deeper the engagement via data gathering, the better planners have to not only personalize the next experience, but this data also gives meeting planners the information they need to enhance future events.

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