Inclusive & Accessible Gatherings By

It is evident that the focus on inclusion and accessibility has moved to forefront of many meetings and events. DeFelices believes that the meetings industry will continue to see attendees willingly share their needs.

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Savvy SchedulingMarch 20, 2024
It’s Not What You’re Spending, But How You’re Scheduling By

To help keep meeting schedules on track and events running smoothly, it’s essential for meeting planners to prioritize effective scheduling practices and invest in tools and processes that support organization and efficiency.

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Trade Shows That Sparkle With Engagement By

What used to work at trade shows 50 years ago vastly differs from today’s sophisticated, less-cluttered ones packed with modern, experiential exhibits, immersive technology and experience-driven shows powered by attendees’ expectations.

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Five-Star DiningJanuary 31, 2024
Despite F&B Rising Costs, Planners Must Wow Meeting Attendees By

With rising food and beverages prices and fewer menu options being offered at hotels and resorts, today’s planners are adapting to new service trends and getting a bit more modest with their F&B budget.

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Association Conventions & Facilities magazine proudly presents the designees of our America’s Premier Convention Centers for 2024.

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Culture FitJanuary 17, 2024
Where DEI Goals & Hiring Meet By

“Culture fit” is not an unheard-of concept in hiring — when either hiring employees or vendors for an event, but it’s especially important when expanding a meeting planner’s DEI ambitions.

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Career PathsJanuary 16, 2024
How to Become an Association Meeting Planner By

What exactly is an association meeting planner, and what steps do you take to become one?

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Taking Bold Strides Toward A Greener Future By

In a world still bickering over climate change, U.S. convention centers have made giant steps in reducing meetings’ carbon footprint.

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The Year AheadJanuary 15, 2024
Signs Point to a Positive 2024 By

Confidence among meeting professionals is notably stronger this year than last, according to Michelle Mason, president and CEO, ASAE, the center for association leadership.

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Visuals That Engage Your Attendees By

Finding the ideal visuals to engage attendees is part art, part science and requires due diligence on the part of today’s meeting planners.

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