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On the Right TrackMarch 28, 2022
SMERF Meetings Planners Look to Get Back to Normal By Keith Loria

After almost two years of virtual engagement, expectation levels are likely to be high as SMERF meetings return for in-person events.

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SMERF SuccessSeptember 15, 2021
This Segment of the Industry Faces Unique Challenges By Maura Keller

There are key steps that meeting planners can take to make SMERF meetings during this time of uncertainty successful.

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Experts Weigh-in on How to be a Success With This Under-the-Radar Segment By Keith Loria

It’s no secret in the industry that SMERF meeting planners are sometimes considered to be the red-headed stepchild of the meeting biz.

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Planners Learn the Art of Doing More With Less By Mark Rowh

With a close eye on costs and a willingness to undertake creative approaches, planners for SMERF organizations have become adept at tackling a common set of needs.

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SMERF Meetings UpdateAugust 1, 2015
Planners Seek ‘Instagram-worthy’ Experiences With a Close Eye on Budgets By Maura Keller

Fiscally focused planners are challenged with finding innovative ways to draw attendees back year after year.

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Religious MeetingsOctober 1, 2014
Attract Loyal Delegates With Affordable, Family-friendly Destinations By John Buchanan

Planners take a down-to-earth approach to managing faith-based conferences and events.

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When it comes to site selection, SMERF planners face a balancing act in designing an event that is both attractive and affordable to members.

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SMERF MeetingsAugust 1, 2013
Hooked on Being the Big Fish in a Small Pond By Derek Reveron

Social, military, education, religious and fraternal (SMERF) meetings are all but unstoppable these days.

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