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Blanket SecurityAugust 29, 2018
Keeping a Meeting Safe Means Thinking of Everything By John Buchanan

No issue is more important to association conventions and trade shows than the safety and security of staff and attendees. Yet, experts say, too many associations are woefully underprepared for catastrophic incidents such as a terrorist attack, violent protest, natural disaster or medical emergency.

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Game On!August 29, 2018
Meetings at Gaming Resorts Have Attendees Working (and Playing) Hard By Derek Reveron

Competition among gaming resorts for meetings is heating up as more venues nationwide expand and open new properties. Las Vegas and Atlantic City remain the top casino resort destinations, however, a variety of smaller destinations also aim to attract more events. Burgeoning competitors range from properties in the Southwest nestled amid stunning scenery to small-town destinations in Pennsylvania.

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Planner-Hotel Sales Staff Relationships Don't Have to be Planets Apart By Christine Loomis

We spoke with five meeting planners and five hotel sales staffers to learn what lies at the core of this relationship and what it takes to make it work.

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Making the Most of Off-Season Opportunities and Value By Maura Keller

Off-season events offer many advantages, including especially attractive lodging rates and flexible guest-room options due to lower occupancy.

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Hotel UpdateJuly 1, 2017
A Sampling of What’s New & Renovated From Coast to Coast By Patrick Simms

The kind of hotel development that really grabs an association meeting planner’s attention is the new “headquarters” hotel. Fortunately, there are several such projects in the works.

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What's New & Noteworthy From Coast to Coast By Ron Bernthal

Convention hotels have a symbiotic relationship with their nearby convention centers — one can’t live without the other.

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These Game-Changers Are Putting Their Cities on the Site Selection Map By Patrick Simms

First- and second-tier cities are partnering with upscale hoteliers to raise their profile in the convention market.

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Planners Win Big With Better Attendance, Great Amenities and Prime Entertainment By Christine Loomis

The best meeting-savvy resorts attract a remarkably diverse selection of conferences and attendees — gaming enthusiasts and not.

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The Perks and Pitfalls of Booking Properties in Transition By Karen Brost

Booking a convention hotel under construction or renovation can require somewhat of a leap of faith. But in the end, it can all work out to your advantage.

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Hotel & Resort UpdateFebruary 1, 2014
Robust, Good Health of the Hotel Industry Leads to New Programs and More Value for Meeting Planners By John Buchanan

As the association meeting market returns to robust health, hotel partners play a more important role than ever in the success of conventions, conferences and other events.

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