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Negotiation Tactics in Flux As the Pandemic Wanes By Christine Loomis

The pandemic impacted much in the meetings industry, but does that include negotiating hotel and venue contracts? Some industry experts say no, but those who believe negotiations have shifted point to three areas: Attrition, cancellation and force majeure clauses, along with COVID 19-related guidelines and protocols. Tyra Warner, Ph.D., J.D., CMP, chair, Department of Hospitality, […]

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Avoiding the New Legal Minefields in Site Selection and Attendee Safety By John Buchanan

Although attrition, cancellation and force majeure remain perennial sources of friction between hotels and their association clients, climate change has made force majeure more of an issue. Meanwhile, two new legal concerns have risen to prominence.

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From 'Bathroom Bills' to Open Carry By Sophia Bennett

Social and political issues can cause meeting planners to avoid certain cities and states, and hotels.

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