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Sustainable SuccessMarch 28, 2022
How to Give Your Events Venue or Business a Green Makeover By Scott Steinberg

Adopting a more environmentally friendly approach to business operations and fresh set of green policies can help you to become more sustainable.

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The New Non-Negotiable of the Post-COVID-19 Attendee By Tara Milburn

The COVID-19 pandemic imparted a number of important reminders regarding our interdependence. Undergoing a crisis of a global scale, people everywhere received a firsthand lesson on how their actions and choices were affecting their local community.

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3 Must-Have Traits For Bold Leadership By Merilee Kern

While some contest, or outright refute, whether or not former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill famously says “success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts,” the power of that statement looms large irrespective of origin..

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Online Doesn’t Work For Some Audiences By Betsy Jacoby-Greenleaf

A recent CEIR survey showed that 69% of show organizer executives who have cancelled their event are considering one or more virtual offerings in delivering content. Numerous webinars, articles and discussions have shared platforms, revenue-generating ideas, and tips and tricks to make the switch successful.

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Making Meeting Hospitality More Hospitable By Amy Cabe

Education and networking meetings are the lifeblood of any association.

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Volunteering Leads to the Trip of a Lifetime By Joe Margraf

There’s always that one special meeting or event that stands out from the hundreds of others planners have worked on over their career. It is even more special when a planner can tie in a favorite volunteer organization.

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Social ResponsibilityFebruary 1, 2013
Choosing the Right Charity for Your SR Program By Christine Shimasaki

Has your organization incorporated a community service project into your annual meeting agenda? Associations and corporations have been sponsoring fundraising activities for many years, but Hurricane Katrina and its devastation to New Orleans in 2005 ignited the massive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) movement that is sure to remain part of our business and non-profit culture.

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