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Weather or NotJuly 6, 2023
When Mother Nature Shows Up Unexpectedly at Your Meeting or Event By Shannon Copeland

Changing weather patterns require meeting planners to become more proactive about planning for severe weather or be faced with costly consequences.

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Be ReadyJanuary 23, 2023
Venues That Can Meet Planners’ Needs Will Have the Upper Hand By Jonathan Morse

We have pulled together nine trends directly shared from event planners to ensure your hotel is best positioned to capture the event demand this coming year.

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The Benefits of Hosting Offsite Meetings for Employees By Mercy Ehrler

Over the past several years, the popularity of offsite meetings has seen substantial growth. According to a recent study, 63% of planners agree that offsite meetings are more productive than those that happen within a company’s walls. Internal meetings are safe and predictable. A change of venue can alter group dynamics and increase effectiveness by encouraging interaction between participants…

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A Look at the Existing Challenges for Meetings By Phelps R. Hope

With the surprise thaw in diplomatic relations in December 2014, meetings insiders are scoping out the potential for bringing events to Cuba.

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Keep Your Eye on These Hidden Gems for Meetings By Phelps R. Hope

Many of the world’s emerging global destinations are debuting on the national stage at a time when the meetings industry itself is bustling.

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Use the CVB Safety Net to Make a Fearless Transition By Christine Shimasaki

CVBs can be invaluable in guiding clients transitioning from hotels to convention centers.

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How to Get the Best Deal in Your Preferred Venue By Phelps R. Hope

Gone are the days of waiting by the phone for the hotel salesperson to call you back. In an up economy (or seller’s market), they’ve got RFPs flowing onto their desks and into their email inbox and are able to cherry pick those that best benefit the hotel, and your lower-budgeted gathering is now at the bottom of the pile.

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