Event Management

Arm Yourself With Intuitive Event Technology By Robert Edwards

Talk about big data is everywhere. It’s the new gold that everyone wants to mine, including meeting planners. The challenge is how to convert this data into useful, actionable items.

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Collecting the Right Data to Get the Right Results By Charlie Wright

Event managers want easy-to-use technology that will provide them with the right data, and if you can show them the value, they are willing to pay for it.

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By Darrin Jackson

The exhibits industry is on the brink of yet another evolution.

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Be Prepared With a Plan B, C and D By Anita O'Boyle and Cynthia Cortis

Overseas meetings require a wide range of contingencies that will test even the most savvy and experienced event planner.

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How to Build Meaningful Exhibitor/Attendee Relationships By Mary Smith

Sales teams are creating unique sponsorship experiences that are resulting in increased event attendance and engagement for both exhibitors and attendees.

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5 Trends From the Event Service Manager's Perspective By Denise Suttle, CMP

A fluid partnership between an event service manager and a meeting planner creates an undeniable synergy that ultimately yields a successful and memorable event.

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No More 'One Size Fits All' By Andy Johnston

You have an association filled with engaged, involved members. It’s easy to assume that everyone has the same priorities and expectations, just because they belong.

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Event ManagementJune 1, 2013
How Do You Know if Your Strategy Is Successful? By Coastal Communications

How do you ensure that event logistics and management, and trade show and educational services are working together to maximize ROI?

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