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Venues That Can Meet Planners’ Needs Will Have the Upper Hand By
January 23, 2023

Be Ready

Venues That Can Meet Planners’ Needs Will Have the Upper Hand

Morse-Jonathan-Tripleseat-110Jonathan Morse is the founder and CEO of Tripleseat, a catering and event management platform used by more than 15,000 venues each day, enabling them to streamline the planning process and increase sales. To date, the Tripleseat platform has helped venues book more than 6 million events and capture $15 billion in event leads. To learn more about Tripleseat or to schedule a demo, please visit

Did you know that event planners are seeking out hotels by choice to make their social and corporate event dreams a reality? It’s no surprise that hotel events are exploding. After all, hotels offer the ultimate hospitality offerings that many planners want, including a variety of event spaces, amenities and sleeping accommodations.

If you are a hotel, you are likely experiencing this event trend and seeing more social parties and corporate meetings. But have you done all you can to meet every event wish list to earn more bookings and revenue?

We have pulled together nine trends directly shared from event planners to ensure your hotel is best positioned to capture the event demand this coming year. These findings about hotel events are certain to help you in running your operations and promotional initiatives. Now is the time to make sure your hotel is taking advantage of this desire to get together in-person.

1. Hotels are No. 1

It seemed fitting that the first item on our trend list is that hotels stood out as the No. 1 choice for event venues amongst event planners. It makes perfect sense given the elevated service and amenities you provide to event planners.

In order to best leverage this trend in hotel events, make sure your promotions speak to the specific amenities that planners desire for their events, including multiple meeting rooms, bars and lounge areas, high-tech A/V equipment and on-site sleeping accommodations.

2. Business and bleisure travel is on the rise

Business trips and events are picking up, and consumers are combining this travel with leisure activities — this has created a new trend known as bleisure travel. About 43% of recent travelers say they are planning a leisure trip, and 40% were traveling for both business and leisure.

Take advantage of this desire to travel by offering these corporate groups a reduced rate and hotel perks to encourage extended stays. This works well for any type of corporate event, such as conferences, training and holiday parties, too. You’ll help to accommodate this trend of combining corporate events with guest leisure time and increase your revenue in the process.

3. Technology is a must

Business meetings are the top type of corporate events being planned. Ensure you meet the technology needs, including Internet speed, video-conferencing equipment and audio equipment. High-speed Internet is the No. 1. amenity event planners are looking for.

Prioritizing technology amenities will help capture business travel and corporate event bookings. Make sure your connection is optimally fast. Test and service your A/V equipment regularly and make appropriate upgrades. You’ll be ready to promote your tech amenities and event organizers will entrust your hotel’s ability to execute corporate meetings without a hitch.

4. Birthdays are big

Did you know that birthday celebrations are a huge opportunity for hotel events? Consumers say that birthdays are the top event type that they’re planning. Hotels are a perfect place for birthday celebrations and can handle everything from a small gathering in the hotel restaurant or bar all the way to a blowout vacation or ballroom bash.

Create some birthday package options to appeal to the many party planners out there. Your meeting rooms or conference spaces might be able to accommodate these mid-size birthday parties. If you have an outdoor space, this might be great to use for birthday parties. Offer a variety of spaces, amazing menu choices and various price points.

5. Consumers are making the time and effort for celebrations

People are serious about their events, as 40% of consumers say they are planning three to five events this year. They’re spending an average of $6,947 per event, and they’re spending the time getting every detail right; 40% of consumers book their venues one to three months in advance.

Ensure your event planning and group sales process is organized and customer-focused. If people are prioritizing events, make sure they know you are prioritizing them as well. Your exceptional service starts with the very first contact they have with your hotel all the way until after the event is over.

6. Your customers and online presence have a lot of influence

When consumers were asked how they find venues to book for events, they said Google searches and referrals from colleagues, friends and family were their top sources.

This is why it’s so important to make sure your marketing efforts include both digital marketing and loyalty programs. Make sure your online presence is in tip-top shape to market to new event customers.

Begin with your hotel’s website, social media accounts and online reviews. Make it easy for people to discover your hotel and its event space and amenities. Also, be sure to reach out to your loyal and repeat customers. Consider personalized emails to people who have booked events in the past. You want to make sure your past event organizers not only remember and love your brand, but also will be a wonderful influencer for their friends, colleagues, family and your new prospects.

7. Your website is the first impression

When it comes to event planning, organizers want as much information as possible at their fingertips so they can decide what venue they’re going to choose to host their event, whether it is social or corporate. Here’s a list of the top five things consumers look for when researching venues:

  1. A professional photo album of your hotel
  2. Videos
  3. Pricing minimums
  4. Detailed descriptions of event spaces
  5. A list of amenities

8. Provide every detail in your events packages

Events are all about the details. When an event organizer is deciding on a venue, there are important pieces of information required to make that decision. Planners say they want the following venue information, regardless of the event type, when your hotel responds to their inquiry: an event menu, prices, a floor plan, an events packet and a contract.

To get as many group sales as possible, make sure you promote your event packages with detail. Don’t leave the necessary information missing or difficult to access for your customers. By providing information upfront, it not only shows event planners you are transparent, but it will help event planners make a quick decision and get that booking on your calendar.

9. Answer quickly to RFP requests

Everyone in business knows that time is money. But in the case of responding to customers and RFPs (requests for proposals), long wait times in hearing back on event bookings could result in losing the deal.

Even though consumers are spending several months in the planning process, they want to book venues and vendors as soon as possible. The first business to respond to an event inquiry often wins. In fact, 92% of consumers would like a response within 48 hours. Be sure that your operations process allows for quick responses.

Start now to maximize success in 2023

According to event planners, this year is going to be a great one for hotel events and group sales. Ensure that you are responding to these trends and that you have the processes in place to put you in the best possible position to get the most bookings possible. Start with the top cloud-based sales and catering management software so you are able to manage it all and grow your bottom line. | AC&F |

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