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Having a well thought out vaccination and return to work plan for your organization will help you get back to business quicker, but it also helps the whole country.

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By Deborah S. Fell

Travel isn’t always a bed of roses. There are natural disasters, tainted products, bad actors, data breaches, regional and global viruses, and events big and small that require industries to step up, speak up, and do whatever it takes to take care of their employees and customers. As the COVID-19 outbreak affects dozens of countries, […]

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By GBTA Meetings Committee

Ultimately, not managing even the smallest of meetings can lead to an increased organizational risk profile.

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By Bonnie Boisner and Tina Gaccetta

Small meetings require the same attention to detail as a larger event, just with a slightly different twist.

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By Karen Kotowski, CAE, CMP

The Convention Industry Council presents the top meeting and event planning trends for the coming year.

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And How They Can Bridge the Gap By Scott Steinberg

Those of us looking to inspire and motivate different generations must learn to communicate with them in vastly different ways than with those who have come before.

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Planning for ZikaSeptember 1, 2016
By Laurie E. Sherwood and Sadaf A. Nejat

Planners owe a duty of care to attendees to disclose information on risks in traveling to a destination.

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By Paul Van Deventer

MPI’s president and CEO reflects on a range of topics from meeting planner certifications and budgets to politics and terrorism.

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Planner Alert!April 1, 2016
Making the Shift to Strategic Meetings Management By Terri Woodin, CMP

Many thought the Strategic Meetings Management initiative was a knee-jerk reaction to the recession, but it is here to stay.

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Are You Prepared to Face the Challenges? By Jeff Hurt

As meetings, events and conferences grow, planners face a complexity gap stemming from the use of big data.

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