Memorable SpacesApril 3, 2023
These Unique Meeting Venues Offer a New Perspective By

Make your next meeting a memorable one with these unique event venues.

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Ways Insurance and Financial Planners Put Safety and Security First By

What are the inherent safety and security risks in the meetings and events industry — and what steps can meeting professionals take to mitigate incidents?

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The Great OutdoorsFebruary 14, 2023
Add Activities to the Agenda to Get Attendees Outside By

No matter how nice the ambiance, it isn’t the same as tiki torches framed against the setting sun. That’s where outdoor events come in.

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Get NoticedFebruary 14, 2023
There is No Mistaking Social Media’s Role in Meetings By

Social media is everywhere. The efficiency and access it affords financial and insurance meeting planners and attendees is unparalleled.

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A Special RewardDecember 12, 2022
It Takes the Right Incentive to Truly Motivate By

The demand on people’s time is higher than ever, so if you want to get them to leave their desk, their home or their many various obligations to attend an event, you need a strong reason. Well-designed incentive programs are the solution.

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Respected Industry Insider Optimistic for 2023 By

At Financial & Insurance Conference Professionals (FICP), we are bullish about 2023 for several reasons.

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Get MovingDecember 12, 2022
Meetings With Health & Wellness Activities Excite Attendees By

As the global community emerges from the longstanding COVID-19 pandemic, it’s no wonder organizations are turning their attention to the health and well-being of employees and constituents.

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Dealing With StressOctober 10, 2022
Meeting Planners Must Handle the Pressures of the Job By

Meeting planners are in charge of a host of things: scheduling, conflicts and ensuring attendance, to name a few. To do those things correctly, it’s crucial they stay organized, remain level headed and not become overwhelmed.

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Success Depends on Hiring Engaging Keynotes & Entertainment By

One avenue that can dictate the success or failure of an event is the chosen keynote speaker or entertainment lineup.

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Budget BluesOctober 10, 2022
The Uncertain Economy Makes Planning Meetings Difficult By

It’s official: The U.S. economy — with its fluctuating gasoline prices, supply-chain issues, inflation and staffing constraints — is facing a challenging time. Businesses are worried, consumers are cautious and investors are jittery.

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