World of DataFebruary 19, 2024
How AI is Revolutionizing the Meetings and Events Landscape By

Event technology has become the backbone of modern-day events. It has revolutionized how we plan, organize and execute meetings and events.

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Event TrendsFebruary 19, 2024
Between Positive Trends and Planner’s Pain Points By

This new year is already showing signs of a bright picture, as professional meeting and event planners worldwide are taking another glance through the proverbial crystal ball for events, seeing some positive event trends while dealing with several planner’s pain points.

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A Focus on DEI, Sustainability and Changing Staffing Models By

The way businesses operate today is undergoing significant changes across various industries, including the financial and insurance (F&I) sector

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2024 Industry ForecastDecember 10, 2023
Meeting Professionals Bullish Despite Budgeting Constraints By

The world may be constantly changing but the role of the meeting professional is the same: to bring people together in meaningful ways to collaborate, learn and improve business results.

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Hybrid EventsDecember 10, 2023
On Developing the Culture By

Out of all the trends that rose from the pandemic, hybrid meetings and events is one that could continue for years to come.

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On ContractsDecember 9, 2023
Staying Ahead of the Ever-Changing Process By

Planners must be actively involved in staying ahead of the ever-changing process — shaping contracts and reading every clause, every line.

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Embracing Sustainable Meeting Practices By

The practice of planning sustainable meetings is not new, but there is a renewed focus on incorporating sustainable principles and practices now that in-person meetings and events are back full force.

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Giving BackOctober 17, 2023
The Benefit of CSR Efforts at Events By

When it comes to CSR programming at events, authenticity is key.

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On Legal IssuesOctober 17, 2023
How to Plan, Execute Meetings Effectively By

Planners face a host of legal issues as they plan and execute meetings. Here’s what industry legal experts say planners should understand.

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Creating Memorable and Emotional Experiences By

With some creative strategies, event planners can design memorable, lavish events within or even under budget.

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