Planners Appreciate Continuous Outstanding Service By Patrick Simms

There are many instances of short-term partnerships with suppliers that qualify as a success. A firm running an incentive trip, for example, may partner with a DMC at the destination, receive great service and never work with that supplier again — only because the firm never happened to repeat that destination. But the most salient examples of successful relationships with suppliers are those where the client receives great service over many meetings, i.e., the long-term partnership.

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Paying attention to key details can ensure your meeting (and career) is a success. By Derek Reveron

Planners wage a never-ending battle against Murphy’s Law, which says that what can go wrong probably will. That’s why it’s rare that events proceed completely flawless from beginning to end. Events typically can survive minor slip-ups, some of which attendees may not even notice. But big blunders can ruin an event or make attendees so […]

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Avoiding Planning Pitfalls in Today’s Litigious Environment By Christine Loomis

The state of the world has impacted meetings, travel and hospitality.

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Success Depends on How Well Planners Adapt Negotiating Tactics to the Current Market By John Buchanan

In any given year, the dynamics of contract negotiation are driven by the proverbial pendulum that swings back and forth between a seller’s market and a buyer’s market.

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How to Negotiate Fair Terms in a Brutal Seller’s Market By Patrick Simms

Get your best deal in concessions, attrition, cancellation, force majeure, fees and more.

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Meeting in the MiddleSeptember 1, 2015
Try These Contract Negotiation Tips From the Experts on Both Sides By John Buchanan

What can planners do during a contract negotiation to meet their needs and their budget? Be flexible and pay careful attention to the issues that matter most.

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How Planners Compete for Space, Dates & Rates in a Seller's Market By Patrick Simms

Small meetings — those requiring approximately 10–100 guest rooms on peak night — are the bread and butter for many in-house planners in the insurance and financial industries.

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Prepare a Strategy That Yields a High Response Rate By Derek Reveron

Experts advise planners to send detailed electronic RFPs to a targeted list of properties for greater success.

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Hotel BuyoutsMay 1, 2013
The Benefits of Buyouts and How to Negotiate the Best Deal By Karen Brost

When the situation involves a meeting that requires a high degree of privacy or exclusivity — a hotel or resort buyout just might fit the bill.

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