Pressure PointsOctober 20, 2021
Fallout From the COVID-19 Pandemic Added to an Already-Stressful Career By Maura Keller

Stress can impede a planner’s ability to do their job effectively. And in the meetings industry, job effectiveness and customer satisfaction are paramount to a planner’s success.

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A  year ago, companies in the insurance and finance sectors had already started on a path to address racial imbalances. But the tragedy of George Floyd, and the widespread protests against police brutality and systemic racism that followed, put diversity, equity and inclusion — or “DEI” — on the front burner for many other industries. […]

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2019 Industry OutlookDecember 21, 2018
With FICP Executive Director Steve Bova By Steve Bova, CAE

FICP Executive Director Steve Bova, CAE, offers some insight into the challenges and trends facing this industry in the coming year.

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Creative ThinkingAugust 30, 2018
The Ins and Outs of Planning a Meeting With a Theme By Cynthia Dial

Guided by such parameters as goals, budgets, demographics and destinations, the lengthy and detailed procedure is demanding and sometimes overwhelming. But it need not be.
Armed with the following input from in-the-know players of some of the nation’s top DMCs, the future for theme-plotting planners can be simple. So relax, enjoy the process and find inspiration in the words of Albert Einstein: “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

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Planners Appreciate Continuous Outstanding Service By Patrick Simms

There are many instances of short-term partnerships with suppliers that qualify as a success. A firm running an incentive trip, for example, may partner with a DMC at the destination, receive great service and never work with that supplier again — only because the firm never happened to repeat that destination. But the most salient examples of successful relationships with suppliers are those where the client receives great service over many meetings, i.e., the long-term partnership.

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Paying attention to key details can ensure your meeting (and career) is a success. By Derek Reveron

Planners wage a never-ending battle against Murphy’s Law, which says that what can go wrong probably will. That’s why it’s rare that events proceed completely flawless from beginning to end. Events typically can survive minor slip-ups, some of which attendees may not even notice. But big blunders can ruin an event or make attendees so […]

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Diversity and Inclusivity in Meetings By Maura Keller

Darci Motta, CMP and senior conference manager at CSAA Insurance Group, and board director of Meeting Professionals International, Northern California chapter, recognizes the vital role diversity and inclusivity plays in today’s meetings arena. In fact, CSAA Insurance Group’s focus on diversity is expanding beyond race, ethnicity and sexual orientation to encompass inclusion and belonging, and creating strategies to bring the best out of all people.

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As Meeting Complexity Rises, So Does the Pressure to Think Outside the Box By Cynthia Dial

Here’s a peek into the inside scoop from the perspective of professionals, who share their challenges and their tips. So, pour a cup of coffee, keep reading and keep in mind — you’re not alone.

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