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Food That AttractsOctober 20, 2021
Enticing Food & Beverage Options Remain One of the Most Important Elements of Any Meeting Or Event By Sophia Bennett

While safety concerns are still top of mind for food professionals, so are ideas for making mealtime a memorable, meaningful experience for everyone involved.

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The priority with the return of face-to-face meetings is understandably their safety, more so than their sustainability. Planners are first and foremost concerned with implementing distancing and sanitation protocols, as attendees’ immediate well-being takes precedence over that of the environment in the wake of COVID-19. But even if sustainability in some cases is put on […]

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Serve This, Not ThatSeptember 2, 2020
Everything You Need To Know About Smart Menu Planning By Nancy Mueller

One very popular food & beverage trend is offering cooking classes or cooking demonstrations…

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The ABCs of the Meeting World’s Healthy Food Scene By Cynthia Dial

From planners to chefs, eating clean and organic are in the forefront of decision makers’ minds when planning a get-together to reward and motivate attendees…

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Paying attention to key details can ensure your meeting (and career) is a success. By Derek Reveron

Planners wage a never-ending battle against Murphy’s Law, which says that what can go wrong probably will. That’s why it’s rare that events proceed completely flawless from beginning to end. Events typically can survive minor slip-ups, some of which attendees may not even notice. But big blunders can ruin an event or make attendees so […]

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The Chefs’ ChoiceOctober 1, 2017
Hot Food Trends and Techniques to Turn Any F&B Event Into a Memorable Experience By Shelley Seale

Food is known as the great human equalizer, and can be a fantastic way to bridge any differences and to experience local flavor. And bringing a local holiday or custom to life in your event offers a wealth of potential “wow” moments in the cuisine.

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Planners Partner With Chefs to Raise the Bar for Creative Food Events By Christine Loomis

The foodie mentality is not new this year, but it continues to evolve in terms of what is expected.

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Everyone’s a FoodieJanuary 1, 2013
Catering to Increasingly Sophisticated Palates By Timothy Herrick

Even if the meeting content is stellar — from the presenters to their presentations — the attendance is robust and the destination is unforgettable, when the food and beverage fall below expectations, the entire event is undermined if not forgettable.

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