Success Depends on Hiring Engaging Keynotes & Entertainment By Maura Keller

One avenue that can dictate the success or failure of an event is the chosen keynote speaker or entertainment lineup.

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Mountain Meetings Offer So Much More Than Beautiful Views By Patrick Simms

What better place to recognize an insurance or financial firm’s “peak performers,” the sales agents and other employees who have reached new heights in their roles?

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The ABCs of the Meeting World’s Healthy Food Scene By Cynthia Dial

From planners to chefs, eating clean and organic are in the forefront of decision makers’ minds when planning a get-together to reward and motivate attendees…

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Paying attention to key details can ensure your meeting (and career) is a success. By Derek Reveron

Planners wage a never-ending battle against Murphy’s Law, which says that what can go wrong probably will. That’s why it’s rare that events proceed completely flawless from beginning to end. Events typically can survive minor slip-ups, some of which attendees may not even notice. But big blunders can ruin an event or make attendees so […]

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Ensure a Memorable and Lasting Takeaway for Attendees By Mark Rowh

The right choice will tie into the content and set the tone for the entire meeting.

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Happily Ever LaughterSeptember 1, 2016
Inject Humor to Enliven the Meeting and Ignite Motivation By Derek Reveron

Laughter reinforces a company’s personal connection with attendees, builds attendance and creates a memorable experience.

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Creative, Memorable Ways to Wow Award-Winners on Their Night By Maura Keller

Step outside your comfort zone to create truly memorable events with entertainment — not just another boring awards night.

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Using Performers to Inspire Performance By Karen Brost

When entertainment furthers a company’s goals, everyone wins, including the planner.

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Trending Toward Luxury With a Nod to the New Normal By Gabi Logan

Budgets have stabilized, but events and entertainment at insurance and financial meetings have changed forever.

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