Insurance and financial meeting planners are notorious for either getting too much into the weeds or including a lot of jargon to prove to the client that they know what they’re talking about when, in reality, the client may not really care about the details. Learning the skills to know what to say and how […]

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Overcoming Stage FrightDecember 21, 2018
Practice Makes Perfect to Deliver a Great Presentation By Maura Keller

Many meeting and event planners within the financial and insurance arena understand the issue of stage fright. That’s because in this industry, where presentations are extremely common, planners often need to work with speakers on delivering a solid presentation that keeps the audience coming back for more.

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Paying attention to key details can ensure your meeting (and career) is a success. By Derek Reveron

Planners wage a never-ending battle against Murphy’s Law, which says that what can go wrong probably will. That’s why it’s rare that events proceed completely flawless from beginning to end. Events typically can survive minor slip-ups, some of which attendees may not even notice. But big blunders can ruin an event or make attendees so […]

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Diversity and Inclusivity in Meetings By Maura Keller

Darci Motta, CMP and senior conference manager at CSAA Insurance Group, and board director of Meeting Professionals International, Northern California chapter, recognizes the vital role diversity and inclusivity plays in today’s meetings arena. In fact, CSAA Insurance Group’s focus on diversity is expanding beyond race, ethnicity and sexual orientation to encompass inclusion and belonging, and creating strategies to bring the best out of all people.

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Ensure a Memorable and Lasting Takeaway for Attendees By Mark Rowh

The right choice will tie into the content and set the tone for the entire meeting.

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