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The State of TravelDecember 12, 2022
The “What Ifs” That Should be Considered Throughout the Industry By Jeremy Murchland

From the classic family trip, to solo travel and international travelers, to business travelers and road-trip enthusiasts, we’ve seen just how peoples’ knack for adventure and learning has evolved in more ways than one.

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Many professionals are mixing in vacation — or leisure — time with business travel.

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By Yelena Kashina

Female travelers now make up nearly 50 percent of all business travelers but face a higher safety risk than their male counterparts of becoming targets of crimes.

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On the Road AgainJanuary 1, 2013
10 Things You Need to Know About Business and Group Travel By Diane Bozicevich

Business people on the road never have it easy, but if you are a frequent traveler, a road warrior as they say, you probably know all the workarounds for getting to your event and back again quickly and efficiently. The same may not be said for the unsuspecting, occasional business traveler.

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