Hyatt Regency Lake Washington Minimizes Their Environmental Footprint

October 3, 2023
Courtesy Photo.

Courtesy Photo.

Located on the shores of Lake Washington,  Hyatt Regency Lake Washington has implemented numerous initiatives to their M&E spaces to minimize their environmental footprint. In addition to being proudly LEED Silver certified and having acquired 4 keys from GreenKey Global, the property has taken the following steps:

Carbon Emissions and Water

  • The HVAC system in property meeting and conference areas is controlled by a programmable energy management system, which automatically controls the temperature in occupied/unoccupied rooms.
  • Linen-less meeting tables are provided and encouraged for schoolroom meeting sets.
  • Utilized energy efficient LED lighting throughout the hotel and sensors are used in guest rooms/meeting rooms to efficiently manage lighting.
  • The building uses 30% less water than a comparable building through the use of dual flush toilets and low-flow plumbing fixtures.
  • Through their conservation program, staff change linens every third day unless requested otherwise, and guests may choose to reuse towels by leaving them hanging.
  • The public parking garage also offers electric vehicles charger stations.

 Waste and Circularity

  • Mobile entry is available through the World of Hyatt app to eliminate the number of plastic keycards handed out.
  • Supporting digital signage and offering Hyatt Apps to help enable a paperless meeting.
  • When paper should be needed, the hotel uses Boise Aspen 30 multiuse which is made from forests managed to rigorous environmental and social standards, and is supported by the world’s leading conservation organizations. It contains 30% post-consumer recycled content.
  • Water hydration stations are encouraged for meeting rooms and provide on every guest floor.
  • Hotel participates in a battery recycling program to ensure they are not disposed of as waste.
  • Food waste is composted and sent to the local offsite commercial composting facility.
  • Eco products are used for 95% of to-go packaging, and all straws in the on-site restaurants are compostable.

 Food & Beverage Philosophy

  • Over 90% of the beef, chicken, seafood, and produce is locally sourced from the Pacific Northwest when available and are sustainability farmed. All eggs utilized in our restaurants and events are cage free, and from local Washington state farms when available.
  • They partner with food distributors and businesses dedicated to ocean conservancy and application of sustainable practices.
  • Banquet menus have been designed to offer local and seasonal options for food and beverage.
  • Plant based & plant forward menu items are offered in on-site restaurants and for events.
  • Proud source water is currently available in all guest rooms which eliminates plastic water bottles, provides guests with a reusable aluminum bottle, and is sustainably sourced from Idaho.

Hyatt Regency Lake Washington offers more than 60,000 sf of technologically advanced venue space and an unparalleled location making it the ideal destination for stylish meetings and elegant weddings. The stunning lakefront event space provides the best backdrop for your next Renton, Washington, event.

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