Easing Back Into Cruising As Pandemic Fades

August 10, 2020


The world has changed due to the pandemic and most of our travel plans have been put on hold. But if you’re still dreaming of exploring beautiful destinations (and seriously, who isn’t?), it’s time to begin planning your healthy travel on a reimagined cruise. Beautiful small ships are ready to sail the world’s oceans and rivers. And once the new post-COVID protocols are in place, you can rest assured your cruise will be safer and healthier than ever!

Working alongside teams of medical and scientific experts, river lines and small ship companies are implementing strict measures to ensure the safety, health, and comfort of all guests. These include:

  • Additional pre-cruise health screenings and new embarkation procedures
  • Clean, fresh air in staterooms – never circulated between rooms
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting procedures with new technologies
  • Reduced ship capacity and additional dining areas, more open-air venues
  • Disinfection of all dining areas between meals
  • Focus on a healthy crew: required medical certificates, daily temperature checks, social distancing in crew quarters, and advanced training on health & safety protocols
  • More hands-free services on board
  • Hand sanitizers and face masks available throughout the ships
  • Smaller excursion groups to allow social distancing and expedited entry into must-see attractions

Charter a Small Ship or River Vessel for Ultimate Security & Peace of Mind

A private charter of a small cruise or river ship may be your best choice for a risk-free “social distancing” vacation or corporate retreat. Along with absolute security and freedom, you’ll have access to hidden harbors, narrow ports, and shallow waterways where larger ships can’t go. You’ll be able to explore bucket-list destinations free from crowds. And with just your group on board, you’ll have the entire ship to yourself.

River Cruises – Unique Experiences, More Inclusions

Enjoy a relaxed and worry-free travel experience as you glide smoothly into the heart of picture-perfect towns and exotic cities. Premium, boutique-style river ships offer complimentary Wi-Fi, beer and wine with meals, and a range of active and cultural shore excursions. Innovative balcony staterooms and suites have been designed to bring you closer to passing scenery as you glide down scenic rivers and waterways.

Small Ships and River Cruise Advantages

  • Healthy voyages with easy social distancing, fresh air, and ample space
  • More personalized service with a higher staff-to-guest ratio
  • Access to smaller, more exotic ports that big ships can’t reach
  • Menus featuring fresh, locally-sourced food
  • Relaxed, unstructured lifestyle
  • No lines! Speedy embarkation and disembarkation
  • Meetings on American-flagged ships in US waters can have tax advantages

It’s time to start dreaming of cruises again.

Several cruise lines with small ships in their fleet have resumed limited voyages in different areas of the world. Others are planning to relaunch in fall 2020 or early 2021. These include sailing ships, luxury mega-yachts, expedition ships, and river vessels. Close to home, ships carrying less than 250 passengers will soon return to U.S. rivers and waterways of New England, the Pacific Northwest, the Mississippi River, and Alaska.


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