Why Women Attend Conferences, and Why They Don’t

November 20, 2019

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Networking with peers, finding mentors, and learning new things are among the primary reasons women respondents to the Women’s Professional Conference Experience & Impact Study: Examining the Impact of Professional Conferences on Women’s Careers said they attend conferences. But motivations and rewards differ when women attend conferences designed for a female-only audience, compared with conferences designed for both men and women, the survey found.

More respondents attend women-only conferences looking to network and find mentors — 30 percent, compared to 25 percent at coed events. And while 32 percent of respondents reported receiving “industry/company recognition” as a reason to attend women-only events, only 21 percent attributed those rewards to coed conferences. More than 40 percent reported that they attend conferences — either coed and/or women-only events — for access to “new projects and opportunities.”

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