Spokane Public Facilities District Rocks The Reopening

August 17, 2021


Spokane’s Public Facilities District (PFD), owner and operator of Spokane’s largest event facilities, is reopening the doors of its buildings. A series of processes and protocols have been developed in accordance with the State of Washington since the state lifted restrictions on large events on as a part of the PFD’s “Rock the Reopening” campaign. This campaign is part of a statewide effort to educate guests, staff and internal teams, national partners, and more about updated safety guidelines, protocols and expectations to uphold the safest environments possible.

Since the coronavirus pandemic began in spring 2020, the PFD, like many regional organizations, had to shutter the doors of its facilities and postpone and/or cancel major events. The economic impact to the PFD and the Spokane region at large was significant. In 2019 alone, the PFD’s economic impact was $163,148,603.

“Concerts, Best of Broadway and conventions have an enormous impact on Spokane County’s economy. Being dormant for the last year and a half has taken a toll,” said Public Facilities District CEO Stephanie Curran. “We’re thankful Governor Inslee gave the green light on June 30 to host live events. We remain cautious but optimistic we can successfully and safely gather at the Spokane Arena, Spokane Convention Center and the First Interstate Center for the Arts this season.”

Throughout the entirety of the pandemic, the PFD team has worked tirelessly with the Governor’s Office, Washington Arena’s and Convention Center’s Coalition, and other regional and public health partners to identify, and implement, processes, and protocols, for keeping guests and employees as safe as possible. These protocols were put into place during the pandemic in preparation for the time when the facilities could reopen once more.

“We’ve been impatiently waiting for over a year for the time to come where we’re able to actively book all facilities with concerts, family shows, conventions, business meetings and every other live event,” said Public Facilities District Director of Entertainment Matt Meyer. “It’s not just about getting people back into our buildings, but back downtown to reactivate the economy and the excitement, wonder, and amazement of our downtown community.”

To learn more about the PFD’s Rock the Reopening campaign, visit www.rockthereopening.com.




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