Pennsylvania Convention Center Receives GBAC STAR Accreditation

October 9, 2020


The Pennsylvania Convention Center (PCC) has announced  that it received the Global Bio-risk Advisory Council (GBAC) STAR accreditation on outbreak prevention, response and recovery. Recognized as the gold standard of safe venues, the PCC is one of the largest venues in the northeast to receive the GBAC STAR™ accreditation.

GBAC STAR Facility Accreditation identified the Pennsylvania Convention Center as a showcase example of commitment to ensuring a clean, safe, and healthy environment for its employees, customers, and stakeholders. This accomplishment also demonstrates the Center’s leadership in transforming the cleaning industry into an essential part of any business.

“The Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority is proud to join the list of meeting and events facilities that have received the GBAC STAR accreditation. The health, safety, and security of all who enter the Pennsylvania Convention Center is our top priority,” said Greg Fox, Chairman of the Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority.

As a division of the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA), GBAC STAR™ is an industry accreditation that provides third-party validation to ensure the implementation of rigorous protocols in response to bio-risk situations. Focused on ensuring a clean, safe and healthy environment, the program establishes requirements to assist venues by providing best practices, protocols and procedures to control risks associated with the COVID-19 virus.

“GBAC STAR accreditation empowers facility owners and managers to assure workers, customers and key stakeholders that they have proven systems in place to maintain clean and healthy environments,” said GBAC Executive Director Patricia Olinger. “By taking this important step to pursue GBAC STAR, the Pennsylvania Convention Center has received third-party validation that it follows strict protocols for bio-risk situations, thereby demonstrating its preparedness and commitment to operating safely.”

As an important element of the PCC’s re-activation plan, the Center completed the 20 program elements, according to specific performance and guidance criteria. The PCC’s comprehensive program includes:

  • An established cleaning, disinfection, and infectious disease prevention program that is maintained to control and/or minimize risk associated with infectious agents for employees, guests, the community and the environment.
  • Assurance and establish confidence that proper cleaning, disinfection and infectious disease prevention work practices are in place and implemented.
  • A framework for communication and raising awareness of best practices as they relate to cleaning, disinfection and infectious disease prevention.

“By deploying strict cleaning, disinfection and staff-training protocols, we set the stage for a healthy return to live events and continuing our commitment to excellence in venue management,” said John J. McNichol, President & CEO of the Pennsylvania Convention Center Authority. “The GBAC STAR accreditation further strengthens our re-activation efforts, and we are pleased to be among the facilities to receive the accreditation. It is a true credit to the team who worked so hard to create a professionally prepared submission that lead to a swift and favorable accreditation.”

The GBAC accreditation is part of the Pennsylvania Convention Center’s overall re-activation operating framework that will be released in the coming weeks.


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