Palmer Events Center Achieves GBAC STAR Accreditation For Cleanliness

March 2, 2021


The Palmer Events Center has achieved Global Biorisk Advisory Council® (GBAC) STAR™ accreditation, the gold standard for prepared facilities. Under the guidance of GBAC, a Division of ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, the Austin Convention Center Department has implemented the most stringent protocols for cleaning, disinfection and infectious disease prevention for the facility.

Both the Palmer Events Center and Austin Convention Center have achieved GBAC STAR™ accreditation. As the cleaning industry’s only outbreak prevention, response and recovery accreditation, GBAC STAR™ helps organizations establish protocols and procedures, offers expert-led training and assesses a facility’s readiness for biorisk situations. The program verifies that the Austin Convention Center Department is implementing best practices to prepare the Palmer Events Center’s staff and building for future meetings and events.

“We look forward to welcoming back in person events this year. This certifies that both the Palmer Events Center and Austin Convention Center will continue to operate using specific procedures and protocols, said Trisha Tatro, Austin Convention Center Department Interim Director. “The GBAC STAR facility accreditation is a performance-based program that certifies best practices to protect and recover from outbreaks and pandemics. It verifies our hard work to protect our staff and our visitors.”

To achieve GBAC STAR™ accreditation, the Palmer Events Center demonstrates compliance with the program’s 20 core elements, which range from standard operating procedures and risk assessment strategies to personal protective equipment and emergency preparedness and response measures. Learn more about GBAC STAR™ accreditation at

“I’m proud of our Palmer Events Center staff for taking all changes this year in stride. They welcomed the new safety measures and implementations to ensure a clean and safe environment for all workers and guests,” said Taje Allen, Austin Convention Center Department, Interim Facilities Manager. “We are excited about the new equipment that will assist us with infectious disease prevention and disinfection.”

Along with reaching a higher level of cleaning and disinfection, the Austin Convention Center Department has purchased for the Palmer Events Center new sanitation equipment and uses the following products:

  • Stearns® ONE PACKS Mark E II Disinfectant/Deodorizer and multipurpose, neutral pH, hospital grade quaternary. A one-step germicide, detergent, deodorizer, fungicide, virucide
  • The Sentry 4 UV standalone disinfection machine emits full-spectrum UV light to eliminate up to 99.9% of the bacteria, fungi and viruses in the space, and limit the growth of fungi
  • Usage of the handheld electrostatic sprayer. Victory Sprayers’ patented technology provides an electrical charge to solutions, allowing them to wrap conductive surfaces with an effective and even coverage. These machines reduce cross-contamination due to their touchless application
  • Equipment will be sanitized before the start of each event and at the end of each day.

“GBAC STAR accreditation empowers facility owners and managers to assure workers, customers and key stakeholders that they have proven systems in place to maintain clean and healthy environments,” said Patricia Olinger, GBAC Executive Director. “By taking this important step to pursue GBAC STAR, the Palmer Events Center has received third-party validation that it follows strict protocols for biorisk situations, thereby demonstrating its preparedness and commitment to operating safely.”


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