GBTA Launches Unity Campaign To Help Restore Business Travel Worldwide

November 2, 2020


The industry – which represents millions of jobs and $1.45 trillion dollars globally – must get back on its feet safely and quickly 

The Global Business Travel Association (GBTA), the world’s largest business travel association, has launched “Ready. Safe. Travel,” an ambitious campaign to grow public awareness around the economic necessity of a thriving business travel industry and to push for a safe return to business travel.

“As the largest association representing business travel, we are telling the story of how critical the industry is globally, in terms of revenue, jobs, and commerce, and leading the efforts to get business travel back on the path to recovery safely and when the time is right,” said Dave Hilfman, interim executive director of GBTA.

The three-pronged advocacy and awareness campaign focuses on:

  • Ready. Pushing government leaders to put in place necessary safety measures and the resources to save jobs and get back on the road to travel
  • Safe. Providing member education and training to ensure a safe return to travel
  • Travel. Telling the story of the value of business travel to the world economy

“Ready. Safe. Travel. is rallying our 9,000 members, industry partners, and global thought leaders around the value of this industry, which creates millions of jobs worldwide and more than $1.45 trillion in annual economic activity,” said Hilfman. The campaign is providing sharable collateral to engage others in advocating and educating around the mission of bringing business travel back safely and responsibly.

For more information on Ready. Safe. Travel, including a video from Dave Hilfman and a campaign toolkit, visit


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